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Northern Ren Final


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Dr Johannes Cuspinian and Anna Cuspinian
Lucas Cranach the Elder. c. 1502. lots of rings- aristocracy. prof U of Vienna. marriage diptych. craggy landscapes
1503. Lucas Cranach the Elder. 2 thieves facing- sep from Christ. cloduds above, blood dripping. grotesque
Rest on the Flight to Egypt.

Lucas Cranach
1504. shows a lot of landscape, craggy rocks, group of angels.
Kinship Altarpiece
Lucas Cranach. 1509. triptych for Philip the Wise. geneaologies. holy family. architectural setting, sisters of mary.
Duke Henry the Pious of Saxony and Duchess Catherine of SAxony
1514. Cranach the Elder. wedding portrait/diptych. dog attributes, signs of wealth
Three Sisters- Sibylle
Cranach the Elder. 1535. typifies group portraits. black bckgd. plumes on hates. elegantlines
Martin Luther wearing a Doctor's Cap
Cranach. 1521. profile.
Martin Luther as Junker Jorg
Cranach. 1521. wealthy merchant, smooth features. expr hands
Cardinal Albrecht von Brandenburg.
copy of theses. in guise of St Jerome in the Wilderness. contempl salvation.
Venus by Cranach
Luchas Cranach 1532. gothic form, moralizing tones. modest venus? anticlassical
Judgement of Paris
Cranach. 1530. nude grouping of women. moralizing scene
St George Slaying the Dragon
Albrecht Altdorfer. 1510. landscape dominates. engraving. surrender of man to nature
Rest on the Flight to Egypt by Altdorfer
1510. dream-like landscape. fountain. German-quality.
Danube Landscape
Altdorfer. 1520. nature with house
Battle of Alexander
Altdorfer 1528. cartouche above. comm by Duke of Bavaria Persians/Alexander.
Mondsee Landscape with Bridge
Wolf Huber. 1510. Nuremberg drawing. sense of space of simple bridge
Rest on the flight by Baldung grien
1512. german setting, gnarly branches. fantastical. danube school. virgin playing with christ child.
Death and the Maiden
Baldung grien. 1509. women and mirro. image of vanity. death. aka 3 Ages of Man.
The Witch's Sabbath
Baldung grien. 1510. tonal woodcut. women w/o clothing= shame. make potions. dark arts. hair loose.
Bewitched Groom
Baldung grien. kicked man, witch bewitched. woodcut.
Panel of Christ in the Tomb
Hans Holbein the younger. 1521. portrait of a corpse. rigor mortis
Portrait of Erasmus
hans holbein. 1523. reformation scholar. rings- aristocracy
Mother and 2 Children.
holbeing. 1528. child squirming. realistic. study? muted palette.
Portrait of St Thomas More
1527. holbein. wears chain of Lancaster. first patron in england. velvet.
Henry VIII
Holbein 1539? outfit, obese

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