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Chapters 11 & 12


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the ___________ of a font is the description of its physical characteristics, such as the shape of the serif, the relation in stroke weight, and the shape of the terminals.
the ______________ of the font is the adjectives that we associate with the font such as romantic, funky, clean, technical, etc., often based on the physical characteristics of the font
the ___________ of a font are the cultural associations, that we living in the 21st century, are reminded of when we view a font. (reminds me of the 60's/1920's, looks too much like a hospital, etc.)
the type personality is more like the denotation or connotation of the font?
list two type considerations when selecting a text font for a piece
- the target audience
- space available for copy
how should you handle type that goes up the side of a spread?
up the left, down the right
what determines the visual appearance of the size of a font?
the size of the x-height
what should you be aware of when working with outlined fonts?
outlined fonts look better when filled in, whether it is with a gray or color
what are two standard paper sizes in the US?
- Letter 8.5''x11''
- Tabloid 11''x17''
what are the names of the various weights of paper, from lightest to heaviest?
- bond
- writing
- text
- book
- cover
- index
which affects readability more, increased point size or increased leading?
increased leading
what are some of the finishes that are given to paper during the manufacturing process?
- gloss
- cast
- matte
which paper, coated or uncoated, has a clay finish added to it and goes through the calendaring stacks?
the __________ is the name of the logo of a newsletter or a magazine
the _____________ is the name of the type that contains the folio of the magazine and journal name
the __________ is the name for the author's credit line
list the 4 different types of captions
- pull quote
- identifier
- narrative
- essay
a ___________ is a sentence taken from the text and enlarged in a box
pull quote
a _________ is type that explains a photo
a _______ is a bolded word followed by a definition
the __________ is type that is the second largest on the page
list the 3 different initial caps
- drop/inset
- hanging
- standing
the ___________ is the first two lines of a story set larger or in semi-bold type or all caps
__________ are the name of the line that identifies the creator of artwork or a photo
image credits
______ is another name for page numbers.
________________ is the name for a phrase that synopses the text that follows, breaking the text up into comprehendible chunks
divider heads
______________ are lines of type that appear on every page of a book or magazine
running headers and footers
_____________ is the name for type that is related to the main article, is set off by itself, but is separated from it and uses a different typeface to describe it
how is the name of a book or movie handled in text type?
set in italics
how many spaces after a period in text type?
just one.
give two examples of bad breaks in text copy
- orphans/widows
- lines ending in a hyphen (more than 2)
How many hyphens in a row at the end of subsequent lines in text copy?
what is the standard size of text fonts in publications?
8.5 - 9.5 pt
what can designers do to make tables they are working on more readable?
subtle coloring of the rows and alternating the colors
what can designers do to make the forms they are working on more user friendly?
put "Name" "address" etc., under the line provided and give 20 pts of writing space
what is the standard order that people read an editorial article?
- header
- subhead
- caption
- pullquote
- initial cap/stand first
- divider heads
- text
what do we mean by the statement that each level of information should give the reader more details?
each level should entice the reader to CONTINUE reading
how can hierarchy and appropriateness of type work together in design?
to effectively convey the message of the text
what is the legibility of the type?
the ability to identify certain letters from others
what is the readability of the type?
the kerning, tracking, leading, etc. of the type
what does the graphic designer have more control over, the legibility or the readability of the type? why?
readability. graphic designers have control over the kerning, tracking, leading, etc.
when do you use hyphens in text?
to show breaks in words at a syllable
when do you use en dashes in text?
to replace "to"
when do you use em dashes in text?
to show a break in a sentence
how does leading relate to line length?
longer line -> more leading
how does point size relate to line length?
longer line -> larger point size
what is an optimal line length for readers?
1.5 - 2 inches
when using shades of gray, how far apart should the percentages be to assure optimum readability?
40% - 50%
how do paragraph indents relate to line length?
longer line -> bigger indent
what are prime marks?
straight quotes. show a unit of distance
how to prime marks differ from curly quotes?
curly quotes have a 66 or 99 shape
what do you do to a title of a book in text for emphasis?
when do you use bold text in copy?
for callouts - followed by a definition
when setting text type, what is the goal of the designer?
create an even tone of gray on the page
what does F/L, R/R mean?
flush left/ragged right
what does F/R mean?
flush right
what does U/lc mean?
What does ITC mean?
international typeface corporation
how many points in a pica?

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