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anatomy and physiology digestive


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taking food into digestive tract
swallowing and peristalsis
waves of contraction and relaxation of muscles in organ walls
catabolic breakdown of food
chemical digestion
movement of nutrients from GI tract to the blood or lymph
elimination of indigested solid wastes
serous membrane of abdominal cavity
covers exterman surface of most digestive organs
lines the body wall
what are the functions of the peritoneal cavity?
lubricates digestive organs, allows them to slide across one another
organs outside the peritoneum
retroperitoneal organs
organs surrounded by the peritoneum
peritoneal organs
what are the names of the tunics from the esophaguz to the anal canal?
mucosa, cubmucosa, mucularis externa, serosa
what is the mucosa primarily made up of?
epithelial tissue
what are the 3 main functions of the mucosa?
1. secretion of mucus 2. absorption of the end products of digestion 3. protection against infectios disease
what is the submucosa made up of?
dense connective tissue
what does the (5) submucosa contain?
1 elastic fbers 2 blood 3 lymphatic vessels 4 lymphnodes 5 nerves
what is the mucularis externa responsible for?
segmentation and peristalsis
which tunic is also known as the protective viseral peritoneum?
qhat is the serosa replaced by in the esophagus?
fibrous adventita
what are the 3 pairs of extrensic glands
parotid, submandubular, sublingual
what is an enzyme that breaks down starch
what is secreted from the serous and mucos cells of salivary glands?
what does saliva contain?
mostly water, electrolytes, digestive ensyme (amalyse), proteins, metabolic wastes
what is the muscular tube going from the laryngopharynx to the stomach?
where does the esophagus join the stomach?
cardiac orifice
what is the esophageal mucosa made of?
non keritanized stratified squamous epithelium
glands secrete____ as a bolus moves thry the esophagus
which cells of the stomachsecrete HCL and intrinsic factor?
parietal cells
what do the cheif cells produce?

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