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Who is the lead agency for incidents outside the US?
Department of State
Who is the lead agency for incidents within the US?
Department of Justice
Who is the lead agency for certain aviation incidents?
Department of Transportation and/or Federal Aviation Administration
_____ is defensive measures used to reduce the vulnerability to terrorit attacks
_____ are offensive measures taken to prevent, deter, and respond to terrorism
the killing of prominent persons and symbolic enemies
the terrorists weapon of choice. are inexpensive to produce and are a low risk to the perpetrator.
bombing/imporvised explosive device (ied)
an overt seizure of one of more individuals witht he intent of gaining publicity or other concessions in return for release of the hostage
hostage taking
covert seizure of one or more specific persons in order to extract specific demands
normally carried out to porduce a spectacular hostage situation
hijacking or skyjacking
usually involves a building or object that has value in the eyes of the audience
armed attack on facilities, to gain access to radio or tv broadcast, to demonstrate the gov. inability to secure facilities, or to acquire resourses
raids or attacks on facilites
often used to demonstrate how vulnerable society is to terrorist actions
a terrorist group that operates autonomously, receiving no significant support from any government
Non State Supported
a terrorist group that generally operates independently but receives support from on or more governments
State Supported
a terroist group that operates as an agent of a gov., receiving substantial intelligence, logistics, and operational support fromthe sponsoring gov
State Directed
US policy on Terrorism-All terrorist actions are criminal and intolerable, whatever their motivation and should be condembed
-all lawful measures to prevent such acts and to bring to justice those who commit them will be taken
-no concessions to terrorist extortion will be made
Who is responsible for antiterrorism planning in US ports
US Coast Guard
During peacetime terrorist acts are normally punishable under: (A) Criminal (B)Domestic law (C) Military jurisdiction
Domestic Law
During internationally recognized war or MOOTW involving us of force, terrorist acts are normally punishable under: (A) Criminal (B)Domestic law (C) Military jurisdiction
Criminal law or under military jurisdiction by either a cours-martial or military tribunal
what are the 4 categories of federal territorial jurisdiction
exclusive, concurrent, partial, and porpretorial
The federal gov. has received all the authroity of the state
exclusive jurisdiction
the federal gov. and the state each have the same authority
concurrent jurisdiction
the federal gov. exercises some authority and the state exercises some authority
partial jurisdiction
the federal gov. has acquired an interest in, or title to, property butt has no legislative jurisdiction over it
proprietorial jurisdiction
how many steps are involved in the antiterrorism program concept? what are they?
6- (1)threat assessment (2)Threate assessment (criticality and vulnerability assessment) (3)preventions (4)authority and jurisdiction (5)planning crisis management (6)performing crisis management operations
___________ and _________ are the first line of defense in an AT program
Intelligence and counterintelligence
there is a general threat of possible terrorist activity against personnel and facilities, the nature and extent of which are unpredictable
threatcon alpha
applies when an increases and more predictable threat of terrorist activity exists
threatcon bravo
applies when an incident occurs or intelligence is received indicating that some form of terrroist action against personnel and facilities is imminent
treatcon charlie
applies in the immediate area where a terrorist attack has occurred or when intelligence has been received that terrorist action against a specific location or person is likely
threatcon delta
exists when a general threat of possible terrorist activity exists but warrants only a routine security posture
threatcon normal
If a IED is located how far must the area around it must be evacuated
100 meters
what are the cordon distances for suspicious objects? Vehicles?
objects - 100 meters
vehicles - 200 meters

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