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a variant of funk, music that dominated the charts in late 70s
communal dance ecstasy, djs as important as musicians
came out of gay culture in new york, smooth transitions, roots in funk
album shows the elements of disco: funk guitar and bass, soul's horns, latin rhythms, strings, sweet vocal harmonies, studio precision
Earth Wind and Fire That's the Way of the World
"Shining Star"
Earth Wind and Fire
Dance craze of early disco
The Hustle
"Never Can Say Goodbye"
Gloria Gaynor
"Get Down Tonight"
KC and the Sunshine Band
disco's first diva
Donna Summer
"Love to Love You Baby"
Donna Summer
six gay men in costume with songs that were gay jokes for those who got them
The Village People
"Macho Man"
The Village People
"Stayin' Alive"
The Bee Gees
this film wed Bee Gees music to Travolta's image, disco safe and popular
Saturday Night Fever
a music of singles, one hit wonders, a focus for gay liberation
hip hop's foudners got their starts in this genre

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