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international politics


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-explains international relations in terms of power.
-emphasizes int. law, mortality, and int organizations rather than power alone.
-emphasis on security..use power to persue own influences
-not complete chaos or absence of structure and rules, rather the lack of a central gov. to enforce rules
-states should pay attention to capabilities not intentions of other states.
-UK has ability to touch/effect the US. Korea doesnt have tech. to reach US with nukes
emphasizes int. law, mortality, and int. organizations rather than power alone.
-view that humans are good and w/ that can form peaceful and cooperative int. relationships.
Collective goods
-goods crated by themembers of a group which is available to all group memebers regardless of ind. contributions.
-participants can gain by lowering their own cont. to the clollective good,
-if too many do so the good cant be provided.
-Nonproliferation treaty
-control the spread of nuclear materials and expertise
-Int. Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) inspects nuclear power industry in NPT member states to prevent secret military diversions of nuclear materials.
-realist ideal, economic theory and political ideology opposed to free trade
-States must protect its own interest w/o seeking mutual gains thru inter. organizations.
-use military and worry about wealth and trade because it directly relates to miltary power.
-Us rebuild japan and germany..true mercantilits would not have done bc it gives them power.
-gerneral agreement on trade and tariffs
-est. in 1947 to work for freer trade on multilateral basis
-more of a negotiating framework than an administrative institution.
-WTO-expanded GATT's focus on manufactured goods
-Hurts poor states and helps rich states
-protection of domestic industries against int. competition, by trade tariffs and other means
-deals with many political movements, parties, econmic theries, and ideologies.
-idea that workers should have politcal power, it favors the redustribution of wealth toward the workers who produce it
-Pillar of int. finacial system
-international gov. organization that coordinates int. currency exchange, the balance of int. payments, and nat. accounts.
-Loan out money and get states to do what they want
-want to stop gov. spending, subsides, collect more taxes, and end corruption
-causes problems to the people and workers
World Bank
-est in 1944, was a source of loans to help reconstruct european economies.
-later main borrowers were 3rd world countries
-late 90s eastern europe states
Human rights
-universal rights of humans against certian abuse of their own gov.
-very idea against soveriegnty and territorial integrity of states
Multinational corporations (mnc's)
-have budgets that excede many other countries
-large econ. influence on politicians, representative districts, public relations, and political lobbying.
UN security council
-charged w/ maintaining peace and security among nations
-15 member states 5 permenant seats..china, france, russia, uk, and usa...and 10 temporary
-investigates any sit. threating peace, recomends procedures and has the ability to take action militarily if needed
UN Secretariat
-int. staff headed by Sec. general
-informs media about UN work
-orgainizes int. conferences of worldwide concern

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