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Periods of Biblical History


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1. Patriarchal Period
1800 BCE - 1600 BCE
Supposed time of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. Ends w/ Joseph's entry to Egypt.
2. Sojourn in Egypt
1600 BCE - 1290 BCE
Israel's time in Egypt is good until a Pharaoh who does not "know Joseph" is put in power.
3. Exodus
1290 BCE
Moses is raised up by God to lead Israel out of Egypt and to the edge of Canaan
4. Settlement of the Land
1290 BCE - 1220 BCE
Israel enters the Promised Land of Canaan and subjugates the region with a military campaign.
5. The Period of the Judges
1220 BCE - 1050 BCE
Loose tribal organization with no central government
6. United Monarchy
1050 BCE - 930 BCE
Tribes unite to form a national entity; ruled by Saul, David, Solomon.
7. Divided Monarchy
930 BCE - 721 BCE
930 BCE - 587 BCE
Rehoboam refused to give the 10 northern tribes tax relief so they split off and were taken by the Assyrians in 721. The Southern Kingdom (Benjamin & Judah) was conquered by Babylon in 587.
8. The Exile
587 BCE - 538 BCE
The politically dangerous, the wealthy, and the skilled artisans were taken into captivity in Babylon until it was conquered by the Persians in 538.
9. Post-exilic or Restoration
538 BCE - 300 BCE
Under the Persians, some of the Southern Kingdom is reunited in its traditional territory. Seek to reestablish earlier traditions. United in a province under a governor reporting to the Persian king.
10. Greek Period
332 BCE - 63 BCE
Persian period ends when Alexander conquers Persia. His kingdom is divided among his generals-- Ptolemy in Egypt and Seleucus in Syria. Near 200, Antiochus III of syria gained control of Palestine. The Syrians strove to remain unified by promoting Hellenistic culture, which caused problems under Antiochus 4 in 175. Antiochus destroyed the temple and forbade Judaism, and a pagan alter was made in the temple. This lead to the Maccabean Revolt and the Hasmonean Dynasty ruled until 63.
11. Roman Period
Roman General Pompey takes over palestine in 63 BCE. Seleucid kingdom falls and is incorporated into the roman empire as provence of Syria.

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