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last musi history exam


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String Quartet No. 1
first section "Fantasia-Allegro scsorrevole"
Carter, 1951
Variations Aldous Huxley in memoriam
Stravinsky, 1964
Introduction and section I from Kreuzspiel
Stockhausen, 1959
Le marteau sans maitre, 4, 5, 6

serialism, with 'composer's choice'
Boulez, 1957
Ligeti, 1961
Music of Changes, Part 4, no 1
Cage, 1951
Piano Sonata No. 3 "Trope"
Boulez, 1957
Venetian Games
Lutoslawski, 1961
Sinfonia in D Major from Cantata No. 29
Bach/Carlos, 1968
Gesang der Jünglinge
Stockhausen, 1956
Poeme electronique
Varese, 1958
Babbit, 1974
In Two Worlds: Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Computer
Subotnick, 1987
Couleurs de la cite celeste
Messiaen, 1963
County Dance
Davies, 1969
String Quartet No. 6
Rochberg, 1972
Black is the Color, from Folk Songs
berio, 1964
Sinfonia, Mov. III
Berio, 1969
String Quartet No. 3, Mov. I
Schnittke, 1983
The Seven Words, Mov. III
Gubaidulina, 1982
III. Rondo-Finale from Concerto in D for Violin and Orchestra
Bolcom, 1984
Clapping Music
Reich, 1972
Knee Play No. 4
Glass, 1973
Tehillim, Part I
Reich, 1981
Window of Appearances, from Akhnaten
Glass, 1983
Berlin Mass, Credo
Pärt, 1990
Ecstatic Alice,

from Child Alice: Part I of "In Memory of A Summer Day"
Del Tredici, 1980
Symp No. 3, Mov. II
Gorecki, 1976
The Chairman Dances, Foxtrot for Orchestra
Adams, 1985

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