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Esther Study Cards


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Who became king of Persia after Darius?
What was King Ahasuerus Greek name?
Who did the king demand come to a party he was having for his nobles?
Queen Vashti
What did Queen Vashti do and what happened to her because of it?
She refused to go to the party and she was banished by Xerxes because she disobeyed
What did Xerxes's advisors suggest he do to find his next queen?
The most beautiful unmarried women in his country be brought to Susa to undergo beauty treatments and then he could select the next queen from the harem.
Who was taken into the King's harem as a possible candidate for queen?
Who did Xerxes choose?
Who was Esther's cousin?
Where did Mordecai live?
What did Mordecai overhear at the king's gate?
A plot to kill (assassinate) King Xerxes.
What did Mordecai do when he heard about someone wanting to kill the King?
He told Esther and she to the King and he was saved. She gave credit to Mordecai for getting the message.
Where was this event about saving the king recorded?
In the annals of the king (his records)
Who was the king's noble who was second in command?
How did the king honor Haman?
Promoted him by giving him a seat higher than all the other nobles
How was Haman offended?
Mordecai offended him by refusing to kneel down before him.
What plan did Haman concoct to get back at Mordecai?
To have the king order the death of all Jews and take their possessions for the king's treasury.
Who was Jewish?
Esther and Mordecai
Did King Xerxes know that Esther and Mordecai were Jewish?
What did Esther have to do to save her people?
Approach the king uninvited for which she could be put to death
What was Esther's request to the Jews?
She asked the Jews in Susa to fast and pray with her for 3 days and then she would go to the king.
When Esther went to King Xerxes what was her request?
She invited the king and Haman to a banquet and they came.
Did Esther ask the king about not killing the Jews at this party?
What did the king have read to him when he could not sleep one night?
The royal history or king's records
What did he discover when the records were being read to him?
That a man named Mordecai had saved his life but he had never been rewarded.
What did Haman suggest should be done for the man who saved the King's life?
The king should put a royal robe on the person, crown him, put him on a royal horse and have him honored through the streets of the city
Who was Haman to honor in this way?
What had Haman built for Mordecai?
What did King Xerxes order once he learned of Haman's plot against the Jew?
Haman hanged on his own gallows
Could the King change the edict against the Jews?
What did the king do instead of changing the edict?
Issued an edict that the Jews could assemble and defend themselves
How did the King honor Esther
Gave Esther Haman's estate
How did the King honor Mordecai?
Made Mordecai 2nd in command and gave him his signet ring.
What tribe was Esther and Mordecai from?
What country was Esther from?
What city did Esther live in?
What was the name of the Jewish celebration of the feast that was celebrated

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