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Child Intervention Cards


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Why was there a need for restandardization with the original MMPI?
Societal changes
Gender bias
When would a test be considered invalid?
If 30 items or more were omitted
T>100 on F
What are some reasons a person would emit questions?
desire to look good
reading difficulties
offensive or personal
Moderate scores on the L scale represent
Rigid moral value system
presentation of unusual virtue
over conforming and conventional behavior
High scores on L are indicative of
Preoccupation with high moral standards
Fear of disapproval
May adhere to rigid moral perscriptions
Scores greater than 7 on L are indicative of:
Un compromising
concern with morality dominates life
unwilling to admit minor flaws
May be naive
Low psychological mindedness
Lying suggested
When people endorse items on the F scale they are
endorsing items that are infrequently endorsed
Endoresement of these items on the F scale reflect
serious psychopathology
High scores of T>90 on F scale may be due to:
Poor reading
Random responding
If F is high but VRIN and TRIN are in acceptable ranges:
Rule out confusion and reading problems
If F T>100
Do not interpret unless VRIN is in an acceptable range
50-64 scores on F scale suggest
Patient has endorsed particular problem area
Should look at item analysis to find specific area of concern
A score of 65-79 on the F scale can reflect:
Deviant social beliefs
Unconventional thinking
Current stress
Situation problem
Acting out, instability, changeability, restlessness
A score of 80-99 on the F scale suggests:
Plea for help
Conscious malingering
Low scores on F generally suggest
free from stress
honest and unpretentious
these scores are generally not significant
FB scale scores suggest
reflect exaggeration or random responding
genearlly infrequently endorsed and in second half of the test
K Scale is a measure of
defnesiveness or openness
High K scale scores suggest
Unwillingness to report problems or weaknesses
Denail of trouble
Faking good
Healthy ego defense system
Moderate K scale scores suggest
positive self esteem
non authoritarian values
Existance of good interpersonal relations
Low K scores suggest
Lowered defense
exaggeration as a plea for help
Poor coping abilities
TEndencey to be self critical
Willing to report emotional difficulties
High TRIN scores suggested
Yes saying
Low TRIN scores suggest
Nay saying
Inconsistent reponding on TRIN falls within what score range?
T <6 or >12
T >80 suggests inconsistent responding
If a high VRIN Score occurs with a high F score it is suggestive of
Random responding
Poor reading ability
If High F scores occur with a low VRIN it is indicative of
Psychotic states
S scale has 5 components, what are they?
Belief in human goodness
Contenetment with life
Patience/denial of irritability and anger
Denial of moral flaws
F (P) scale items are items
that both normals and psychiatric patients endorse infrequently
A profile may be random when
F is elevated and VRIN is T>80
A profile may be invalid when
TRIN >80
Malingering or exaggeration may be present when
VRIN and TRIN scores are normal but F(p) scores are elevated
Psychosis may be indicated when
F is elevated and all of the other scores appear to be normal
Scale 1 on the MMPI is
Hs. Hypochondriasis
High scores on Hs indicate
exaggerated concern over bodily complaints
May present somatic symptoms
Life appears to be organized around physical symptoms
Personality characteristics that are associated with high Hs scores are
Complaining behavior
overall unhappy
selfish and self centered
Scores between 55 and 64 on Hs are indicative of
Patient with a medical problem
Patients with elevations on the Hs scale often
lack psychological insight
resist psychological explainations
are difficult to engage in psychological treatment
Diagnosis associated with high Hs scale scores are
Somatoform disorder
Conversion Disorder
Depressive Disorder
Chronic pain syndromes
Scale 2 on the MMPI is
Depression D
T scores of T>65 on Scale 2
indicative of
lack self confidence
feel inadequate
When there is an elevation on scale 2, the underlying personality is
Low scores on D suggest
May be withdrawn buy may be able to mask depression
Individuals who present with a T>80 on D
May present with psychotic symptoms
Mood congruent hallucinations and delusions
Vegitative signs of depression
suicidal ideation
T>100 on D indicates
Patient has quit trying
Going through the motions
T=60-65 on D
unhappy, moody, dissatisfied with life
lack self confidence
Pessimistic and despondent
Typically with clinical depression
shy, withdrawn
Clinical elevation on scale 2 indicate
psychic distress and a good sign for tx

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