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Muscle actions and locations


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Trapizius ( most superficial)
spine of scapula
Elevation and depression, upper and downward rotation of scap
Latissimus Dorsi
Lower 6 spinious process
Bicipital groove of humerus
Extention, Medial rotation and adduction of humerus
Teres Major
Lower 1/3 of axillary border
lip of bicipital groove
Extention,rotation,and adduction of humerus
Teres Minor
upper 2/3 axillary border
greater tub of humerus
Lateral rotation and Extension of humerus
Levator Scapula
Vertebral border of scapula from superior spine
Elevation Downward , downward rotation of scapula
Rhomboids ( Major and Minor)
C7-T1/ T2-T5
Root spine of scapula
Retraction, downward rotation of scapula
Supraspinous fossa of scapula
Greater tubercle of hum.
Abduction of of humerus, stablizes head of humerus
Infraspinatus fossa of scap
greater tub. of hum.
Lateral rotation and Extention of humerus
subscapular fossa of scap
lesser tub of hum
Medial rotation and adduction of humerus
Pectoralis major
Medial half of clavicle
Lat. lip of bicipital groove of humerus
Adduction, horizontal adduction, and medial rotation of humerus.
Pectoralis Minor
surface of 3,4,5 ribs
Coracoid process of scap
Protraction, depression, downward rotation of scapula
1st rib of costocartilage junction
Inferior shaft of clavicle
Stabilizes clavicle
Serratus Anterior
Outer surface of upper 8 ribs
vertebral border of scap
Stabilizes scapula against chest wall
coracoid process of scapula
middel 1/3 humeral shaft
Flexion and adduction of humerus
lateral 1/3 of clavicle to lateral acromion
Flexion, horizontal adduction, medial rotation of humerus.
extention of humerus
Triceps brachii
infraglenoid tub of scap- posterior humerus below spiral groove.
Extention of elbow and humerus
lateral epicondyle of humerus
Olcranon process
Assits in extention of elbow
Lower half of hum
Tuberosity of Ulna
Flexion of elbow
Biceps Brachii
coracoid process of scapula
Bicipital aponeurosis
Flexion of elbow
supination of forarm
styloid process of of radius
Flexion of elbow with forearm in neutral position
Pronator Teres
Medial epicondyle
Middle shaft of radius
Pronation of forarm
assists in elbow flexion
Pronator Quadratus
Distal fourth of Anterior Ulna and radius
Pronates forearm

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