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Religion Unit 4 Terms


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Line of Demarcation
divides New World between Spain (West) and Portugal (East), in Brazil
Peace of Westphalia
ended Thirty Years War, lets each state decide religion
Thirty Years War
Lutherans, Calvinists, and Catholics fighting for which religion should be national religion, German Catholics and Protestants killed
St. Vincent de Paul
pushed for the first non-cloistered sisters (could go outside), started shops where people could bring things in to be sold and money went to nuns (thrift shops)
De La Salle
religious brothers, worked to break the cycle of poor, used modern education methods
belief that everything in the universe in controlled by natural laws
found that the Earth rotates around the sun mathematically, proving Copernicus, Church was against him and a scared pope silenced him
Charles Darwin
natural selection, survival of the fittest, evolution
pushed freedom of speech and religion, rationalist ideas
had idea of a three branch government, rationalist
Jean de Brebeuf
French Jesuit, worked with Huron Indians, Iroquois hated them so killed Brebeuf by gutting him, in Northeast
Adam Smith
first person to come up with idea of Capitalism- farmers decide what to grow, rationalist
abolishes Church, crowns himself Emperor and tries to conquer France, after the French Revolution
Cotton Mather
came up with idea of Puritan Work Ethic- hard work is better even though had predestination
Golden Ratio
1x1.61⬦.., natural pattern, helped the Deist rationalist argument
conquered Incas
conquered Aztecs, thought he was Quetzalcoatl (their god), he used divide and conquer to conquer them
extreme nationalism was Fascism, people became nationalistic with new nations
Sigmund Freud
psychology, Religion/God a projection of unconscious
Papal Infalibility
Pope Pius IX creates to get more authority, new rules to be a Catholic, had to believe in: Immaculate Conception of Mary- born without sin, and Assumption of Mary- taken into heaven like Jesus

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