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government test 3


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What is public opinion and who are opinion leaders?
The attitudes help by a significant number of people. Individuals help shape public opinion.
What are some of the important determinants of public opinion?
Mass media, family, education, religion, gender, ethnicity. Influence attitudes and beliefs
What is the chief method (outside of elections) for determining public opinion?
What different types of interest groups exist (know the four types of Economic interest groups as well as the other types of interest groups discussed in chapter 9.2)?
⬢Business Groups
⬢Labor unions
⬢Agricultural Organizations
⬢Professional Organizations
oPublic interest group
oReligious Organizations
What is the goal of interest groups?
Influence public polices
How do interest groups accomplish their goals?
⬢The try to influence public opinion
⬢Influence candidates (argumentation and money)
⬢Advise and write legislation
any activity designed at influencing policy makers
Why did our Founding Fathers establish a bicameral legislature?
⬢Historical- Britain had it and we were an off shoot of England
⬢Practical- bring together large states and small states
oEach got a house
⬢Theoretical- government limited in power and authority
⬢Checks and balances
When are Congressional elections held?
1st Tuesday following the first Monday in November every even numbered year
How many members serve in the House of Representatives?
How are members of the House apportioned?
Based on population
How many members serve in the Senate?
How are members of the Senate apportioned?
Based on statehood 2 per state
What are the qualifications for service in the House? The Senate?
⬢ In the house of representatives
o 25 years old and citizens for 7 years
o Residents of a state
⬢ The senate
o 30 years old and citizen for 9 years
o Resident of state
What are the functions of members of Congress (both the House and Senate; p. 280-281)?
⬢ Legislatures- law makers
⬢ Representatives
o Trustee, partisan, delegate, politico
⬢ Committee members
⬢ Servants
⬢ Politician
In detail, describe the powers possessed by Congress (both in terms of category and specific powers)?
⬢ Category
o Implied
o Expressed
Who are the presiding officers of each house of Congress (both the name and job title)?
⬢ House
o Speaker of the house- Nancy Pelosi
⬢ Senate
o President of the senate- Dick Cheney
What functions do majority and minority leaders and whips have in both the House and Senate?
⬢ Minority
o Run their party
⬢ Whips- makes sure their party members vote the party line
How long is a term in the House of Representatives? the Senate?
o2 years
o6 years
What is the difference between a strict constructionist and a liberal constructionist?
⬢ Strict- narrow view of constitution
⬢ Liberal- Broad view of constitution
What is the function of committees in Congress and how is the committee chair chosen (i.e. what rule)?
⬢ Committee chair chose by seniority rule
⬢ Function
o Discuss, debate, amended, and recommend
How often are seats apportioned in the House of Representatives?
Every 10 years with the census
What is Gerrymandering?
Practice of drawing electoral districts boundaries to the advantage of a certain group
What is a filibuster?
⬢Attempt to stall and kill the bill by talking to death
⬢Stop filibuster- cloture resolution
What role does the President play in the process of a bill becoming a law?
⬢Signs or veto bill
oTwo ways- sign it or not act on it and it becomes law
oVeto- reject or pocket veto
What is the difference between a bill, resolution, joint resolution, and concurrent resolution?
• A bill and joint resolution when passed they carry force of law
• Concurrent resolution and resolution don’t
Which Supreme Court case established a broad view of implied powers (p. 306-307)?
McCulloch V. Maryland

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