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IMA Ch.5: The Nature of Light


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The first endeavor to measure the speed of light was orchestrated by who?
Olaf Romer
When did olaf romer orchestrate the first endeavor to measure the speed of light?
What is the speed of light (in miles)?
186,000 miles per second
Electromagnetic Spectrum:
ia made up of seven parts, of which visible light is only one.
Radio Waves:
which have low frequency and a long wavelengthm are quite prevelant in day-to-day life. (e.g Radio broadcasts, garage door openers, television broadcasts company, ect.)
are predominately used to heat cuisine and support innumerable pager and cell phone transmissions in the course of a day.
waves are mostly associated with thermal energy.
light rays are common to everyday life. Everything seen by the human eye is visible light.
What 7 colors compromise the Visible light rays?
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.
Ultraviolet (UV):
rays surpass visible light to
the right along the EM spectrum. The sun is the earth's greatest source of UV rays.
are a type of EM radiation with a very short wavelength and high frequency; so minute they can negotiate around molecules; it is the property that enables the X-ray imaging of otherwise impenetrable matter.
rays are the highest-frequency waves represented in the EM spectru; are even more invasive then X-rays; they are known for to surge from stars exploding in space.
How are Gamma rays emitted?
By radioactive material.
What is light?
A particular frequency range of electromagnetic (EM) spectrum.
True or Flase: Light is a form of energy.
The electromagnetic theory was asserted by who and when?
James Clerk Maxwell in the late 19th century.
What was the heart of James Clerk Maxwell's theory?
The notion electromagnetic field, propgating away from its orgin in the form of wave.
What is the electromagnetic theory states ________________.
As soon as you have energy you have created magnetism abd visa versa.
What did Nicholas Tesla predict in 1895
Wireless telephony.
Who patented the wireless radio, in 1896?
Guglielmo Marconi.
Why was the wireless radio limited to maritime use?
The lack of amplification technology.
How were the wireless radios broadcasted?
Morse Code.
What made amplification possible?
Vacuum Tubes.
What was the first experimental commercial radio station? When did it make it first broadcast?
KDKA in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; November 2,1920.
Who formed the first radio network? What network did they form and when?
RCA, in Partneship with Westinghouse and General Electrics; National Broadcasting Company (NBC) in 1926.
What year did demand for recording music begin to demand in the U.S?
Who controlls the use for spectrum wavelength for broadcasting and communication?
FCC-(Federal Communicatons Comission)
What is the FCC's role?
To allocate portions of the industry & goverment and also enforce that the airwaves are being used in the public interest.
What is the defining characteristic of light? What does it do?
Frequency; The frequency of ligth waves.
What does color refer to?
To the frequency and the mixtures of frequencies of light.
What is the speed of radio waves?
186,000 miles per second.
What is the measurement for direct light?
The worl's first commercial radio is ________ in ________.
KDKA in Pittsburgh
The visible color with the highest frequency is?
Measuring light amplitude or brightness operate on one or two stragtegies:
measurement of direct light source;measurment of light reflected off of surfaces
direct light source
foot candle=
light intensity or reflected light.
As wavelength measurements ________ , the amount of energy ________.
decrease; increase
What two characteristics affect the perception of distinct color?
Hue and Saturation
color; dominant wavelength
the amount of light concentrated at a particular wavelength.
What is the level of perveived whiteness is identified as color _______.
Additive Color process:
is the method of creating color by mixing various proportions of two or three distinct colors of light.
Subtractive Color Process:
is concerned with pigments and absorption of color.
A _________ is essentially a filter that absorbs certain colors.
porportions of two primary additive colors that create a subtractive pigment.
proportions of two or three additive colors that create other pigments.

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