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Anatomy 2 - Muscles of Superficial Face


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what nerve innervates the muscles of facial expression
facial nerve (CN VII )
what kind of nerve is the facial nerve
a Special Visceral Efferent nerve
where is the CN VII located
in subcutaneous fascia
where does the facial nerve take its origin and where does it insert into
-origin = on bone or in connective tissue
-inserts into = skin or adjacent muscle
which pharengeal arch does the facial nerve come from
second pharyngeal arch musculature
typically where is the facial nerve organized around
orifices (openings) eyes, nose, mouth, ear, and also the scalp
what is the epicranius
muscles of the scalp formed by 2 muscles and the GALEA aponeurotica
what are the muscles of the epicranius
occiputalis and frontalis muscles
where is the occiputalis muscle located and what is it innervated by
-located = occipital region
-innervated by = POSTERIOR AURICULAR NERVE (from facial nerve)
where is the frontalis located and what is the function and origin of the muscle
located = in the forehead
origin = in muscles of the eyebrow
function = raises the eyebrows
what is the frontalis muscle innervated by
the temporal branch of CN VII (facial nerve)
what does the occiputalis and frontalis muscles insert into
the GALEA APONEUROTICA (an aponeurotic sheet)
which muscles are found around the orbit
orbicularis oculi and corrugator muscles
what parts does teh orbicularis oculi muscle divide into
palpebral part and orbital part
where is the palpebral part of the oribicularis oculi muscle located and what is the function
located- in the eyelids going MEDIAL to LATERAL
function- blinks the eye lids
where is the orbital part of the orbicularis oculi muscle located and what is its function
located - encircles the eye, contributing a little to the eyebrow and cheek
function- forcefully closes the eye
where is the corrugator muscle locted and what is its function
located- DEEP to the obrbicularis oculi
funtion- brings the eyebrows together
what is the origin and insertion of the corrugator muscle
origin- MEDIAL aspect of the supraorbital bone
insertion- frontalis muscle
which muscles have dual innervation and what are they innervated by
-orbicularis oculi and corrugator muscles
-innervated by the TEMPORAL and ZYGOMATIC BRANCH of VII (facial nerve)
what does the Temporal branch of facial nerve innervate
-orbicularis oris
what does the Zygomatic branch of facial nerve innervate
-orbicularis oris
what muscle forms the lips of the mouth and what is the origin, innervatoin, and function of the muscle
Orbicularis oris
-Origin - in the mandible LATERAL to incisive fossa, nasal septum, and maxilla
-Inervation - BUCCAL branch of VII
-Function - purses the lips for a kiss
which muscles are found inferior to the orbicularis oris
(lateral to medial)
-depressor anguli oris (aka triangularis)
-depressor labii inferioris
which muscles are found superior to the orbicularis oris
(lateral to medial)
-zygomaticus major
-zygomatiucs minor
-levator labii superioris
-levator labii superioris alaeque nasi
-levator anguli oris
what is the location, innervation, and function of the platysma
location- comes up from the neck and inserts to the corner of the mouth
innervation- by CERVICAL Branch of VII (facial nerve)
function- can depress the angle of the mouth
what is the origin, insertion, innervation, and function of the Risorius muscle
origin- fascia of the masseter
insertion- orbicularis oris
innervation- MANDIBULAR and BUCCAL branches of VII
function- it is for smiling
which muscles elevate the upper lip
levator labii superioris
levator labii superioris alque nasi
zygomaticus minor
which muscles elevate the corner of the mouth
levator anguli oris
zygomaticus major

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