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American History Ch. 5


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Why was owning land important to colonists?
sell what they grew, political rights
What kinds of work did colonial women do?
cook, churn butter, make soap and candles, wove cloth, kint, etc
What kinds of work did young people do?
look after farm animals, gather berries, watch the smaller kids
How much education did colonists have?
limited-only enough to read the bible
What was published in the colonies?
Boston News-Letter (early 1700s) Poor Richards Almanack (1732) The Sovereignty and Goodness of God (1682)
What Enlightenment ideas influenced colonists?
Natural Rights and Govt
Did the Magna Carta give or take away rights from the English/Colonists? Which rights??
+, Cannot have property seized, cannot be taxed, must be tried by a jury of peers
Did Parliament give or take away rights? Which rights??
+, To elect representatives
Colonial Assemblies: + or -...which rights?
+, Colonists have say in their govt
Enmund Andros: + or -...which rights?
-,ended representative assemblies, only 1 town meeting per year
English Bill of Rights: + or - which rights?
+, respect rights of English citizens and parliament, King/Queen cannot cancel laws/impose taxes w/o Pariliament consent, right to complain, elections and frequent meetings, no extremely cruel punishment
Salutary Neglect: + or -...which rights?
+, England didn't mess w/ colonies, colonies passed laws dealing w/ trade, $$, apprenticeships-colonists acted on their own
Zenger Trial: + or -...which rights
+, freedom of press
Compare and Contrast the governor and colonial assembly.
Governer->ruled on the kings behalf, enforced laws of Parliament
Colonial Assembly-> impose taxes, manage colonies
Which groups fought against each other in the French Indian War? Why?
Britain & France: land, fur trade, and worldwide fighting
Where were the important battles or the French and Indian War?
Ft Duquesne, Fort Necessity, Battle of Quebec (turning point)
How did the war end? What happened afterwards?
British won (Treaty of Paris gave them all east of the Mississippi) Took Quebec and Montreal, England got Canada, Defeated French throughout the world.

The British took over French forts. They weren't nice to the Indians so the Indians attacked: Pontiacs Rebellion.

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