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Art final 2


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Edict of Milan
decree by Constantine that stopped the persecution of the christians
roman tombs built under cities where christians often held meetings away from roman law
Constantine the Great
First empiror of Rome to be a christian
Romanesque characteristics
rounded arches, stone vaults, thick solid walls, few windows, separate bell tower and baptistry.
Romanesque date
11th century
Gothic characteristics
ribbed vaults, piers, flying buttresses, stainded glass, pointed arches, thin walls, twin bell towers
Gothic date
between 1137 - 1144
the bones of a saint, believed to posess religious powers.
a object, usually very nicly made, that held the bones of a saint
portion of an interior rising above adjacent rooftops and having windows admitting daylight to the interior.
a metal brace that helps support a structure
ornamental work consisting of ramified ribs, bars, or the like, as in the upper part of a Gothic window
the primary hall of a church that is used primarily by the congregation
semicircular or polygonal termination or recess in a building, usually vaulted and used esp. at the end of a choir in a church.
a longitudinal division of an interior area, as in a church, separated from the main area by an arcade
a journey, esp. a long one, made to some sacred place as an act of religious devotion
flying buttress
a structure, external, that supports the thin walls of gothic archetecture
a pillar or post on which a gate or door is hung
rose window
a specific round style of stained glass that contains religious symbolism
Jamb statues
statuse in a door jamb, usually of saints
uses to ward off demonic forces
bullet window
smaller bullet shaped stain glasses windows.

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