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Infectious diseases are diseases that...
can spread from one person to another
What three ways you can get intedted?
What three way can you get contaminated from a object?
1)sharing food or cups
2)door knobs
3)desks and computers
what three ways can you get contaminated by an animal or animals?
1)Rabie bites:Racoon/ dogs
2)Tick bites:lyme disease
Name three foods that contact with Environmental Sources.
1)salmonella: eggs,meat,poltry
2)tetanus: soil bacteria
3)botulism:contaminated foods
what are three common infectious diseases?
1)chicken pox/measles
what are three bacterial viruses?
1)strept throat
2)turbercerlosis (T.B)
3)lyme disease
can viral diseases be cure?
What are antibiotics made of?
of bacteria
do you have to finish al of your penicilin (medicine)
Name seven ways you can preventing infectious diseases
1)taking vaccines
3)plenty of rest/fluids
4)eat nutrious foods
5)wash hands
6)store food properly
7)cook food thouraughly
What is the most popular antibiotic in the world
What is a wellness?
its what is being at your best possible level of health
What physcal health?
its how well your body functions
what is mental health?
its your feelings and emtoions
what is socail health?
how well you get along with others
what is peer presure?
its preashure that comes from frends to behave in uncertain ways
what is a infectious disase?
an illness that is passed on to one person to another
what is a host ?
a host is a organism that provides a sourse of engry
what is a parasite?
its anorganism that lives on a host
whats a vaccin ?
its a substance that stimulates body to produce chemicals that distroy virues/ bacteria
what is a antibiotic?
a chemical that can kill bacteria without harming a person's cells
what is a toxin?
a posin that van harm an organism
what is a virus?
a small nonlining particl that invades and then reproduce inside a living cell
what is bacteria ?
a microscopic call organism

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