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CPSE interventions


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Well established intervention for ODD and CD
Parent training for children with oppositional behavior
Established interventions for elimination disorders
WE: Behavior modification for enuresis (urine alarm, parent ed)
PE: Behavior modification of encopresis
Established interventions for Alcohol abuse/dependence
WE & PE: Community reinforcement approach; cue exposure treatment; Project CALM (behavioral marital therapy plus disulfiram); social skills training
Established interventions for cocaine abuse/dependence
WE & PE: behavior therapy
PE: Cog-beh relapse prevention
Established interventions for opiate (heroin) abuse/dependence
WE & PE: brief dynamic therapy; cognitive therapy
Established interventions for minor tranquilizer (benzodiazepines) abuse/dependence
Well established intervention for nicotine
Multi-componenet CBT with relapse prevention for smoking cessation
Probably efficacious interventions for schizophrenia
Family intervention (e.g.expressed emotion); social skills training; supported employment
Well established interventions for major depression
WE: behavior therapy; cognitive therapy, interpersonal therapy.
Probably efficacious interventions for major depression
PE: brief dynamic therapy; self-control therapy; social problem-solving therapy;cognitive therapy for geriatric patients; reminiscence therapy for geriatric patients

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