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Microbiology - Viruses 2


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Influenza virus A / B / C
protein peplomers (epitopes/spikes) containing the H and N antigen
primary host - human lung cell
URI may spread to lower respiratory
systemic manifestations caused by the toxic materials: headache, fever, chills, muscle aches, prostation
exhaustiona and loss of strength
amantadine and rimantadine
compounds prevent the uncoating of the virus in the host cell preventing replication
parainfluenza serotypes 1,2,3,4
primarily infants and young children
mild URI to croup to pneumonia
reinfection at all ages have mild symptoms similar to "common cold"
respiratory syncytial virus
major cause of URI infants to one year
Mumps virus
inhaling infected droplet nuclei
lytic cycle in salivary glands
major cause of aseptic meningitis and encephalitis
airborne route
Koplik's spots on inside of cheek
German measles
inhaled, mild disease

congenital rubella syndrome causes severe birth defects
induce coryza "common cold"
tissue damage from virus stimulates mast cell to release histamine
infections of the intestinal tract and CNS
stable, survive well in sewage, food and water

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