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Art 105 test 3


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Seeds of Romaticism
France, Germany and US
Heart and soul of Romanticism
The term Romanticism comes from...
An early 19th century pan-european movement in the arts and philosphy. The term derives from Romances of the Middle ages and novels as well.
At first it came to mean...
anti-classical and represented a trend towards picturesque and the Gothic, and a love of nostalgia, mystery and drama.
It eventually broadened to include:
an enthusiasm for and awe of, nature; a politcal support for liberty, an emphasis on the individual as a unique creative being, an interest in the exotic and primitive, nationalism and desire for new means of artistic epression.
Opposition to and fear of..
To characterize the latter face of nature they invented the term Sublime to convey the awesome and majestic power of earthquakes, floods, and storms
Truth can...
be sought and found INWARDLY more surly than in doctrines of religion or rules of reason.
For Romanticism's orientation is....
Seeking through...
...feeling and vision
Romanticism's one firm conviction is that....
Reality is rooted in the self! not in the external, man-made world
the artist stresses...
dramatic emotion and ideal beauty
The "Romantic" artists will discover their themes in...
history, literature, and religion
Why did Americans embrace (bring to the US)the style?
1. We have lots of nature, we identified with it
2. Individualism, Independence we also embraced
All romantics said we don't need:
The voyage of life by⬦.
Thomas cole
Thomas Cole was the leader of⬦
The Hudson river school
Cole completed an⬦
Allegorical series commission by a NY banker entitled The Voyage of Life
Voyage of life dates
Thomas cole dates
Cole synthesized three universal ideas⬦
a. life is a pilgrimage (finding out about yourself.
b. A person’s life can be divided into different stages
c. An individual’s life can be symbolically compared to a journey on a river that winds its way through the landscape of time.
How many sets did Thomas Cole paint?
Location of original set and second set
Original: Up state NY
Second: Washington
Where did Thomas Cole come up with the idea to paint the voyage of life?
The birth of his son
The titles of the four paintings in order:
Voyage of life: Childhood
Voyage of life: Youth
Voyage of life: Manhood
Voyage of life: Old Age
The cave =
Your beginnings/ the womb
The boat (figures) =
The expression of your feelings and emotions
The river =
Your journey in life (in all four)
The sand (hour) glass
Your time spent on the journey
The Angel
The ‘spirit of life’ that brings you into and takes you out of your journey
The helm or rudder =
Your control during your voyage
The palace in the sky:
Your vision, quest, goal⬦your destination. Only in one painting.
The Hudson river school’s goal…
To ignore overseas traditions in order to create a distinctive concept of American art. Also to see sacred aspects of natural environment
The movement began when and why?
In 1825 because other artists discovered that Cole was using landscape paintings as an expressive tool and suggesting communication with God through nature.
Using the technique and effects of lighting to depict dramatic landscapes such as sunsets and water. Artist using this technique wished to portray emotions through the bold contrast between light and dark.
The Hudson river school is known for⬦
Elevating landscape painting to a legitimate and respected painting subject. It was dominant until after the Civil War when impressionism and other European movements replaced the style.
Rousseau’s “back to nature” movement
Didn’t mean taking to the woods so much as it meant avoiding too much intellectualizing and opening the mind instead to instinctive emotional experience. The romantic landscape painter, took Rousseau quite literally and looked for inspiration in unspoiled natural surroundings.
American, did mostly western paintings.
The raft of the Medusa, July 2 1816

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