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Biology Vocab Chapter 17


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the study of the interactions of living organisms with one another and with their environment
place where a particular population of a species lives
the many different species that live together in a habitat
ecological system encompassing a community and all the physical aspects of its habitat
physical aspects of a habitat
Abiotic factor
living organisms in a habitat
Biotic facter
the variety of species living within an ecosystem
small, fast-growing plants that are the first organisms to lice in a new habitat
Pioneer species
the regular progression of species replacement that occurs after disturbance or the development of new habitat
succession that occurs in a newly formed habitat that has never before sustained life
Primary succession
an episode of succession that occurs in areas where there has been previous growth, such as abandoned fields or forest clearings
Secondary succession
the amount of organic material that the photosynthetic organisms of an ecosystem produce
Primary productivity
organism that makes its own food from energy and carbon atoms in its environment; autotroph
organism that must obtain energy to build its molecules by consuming other organisms; heterotroph
a group of organisms that have the same source of energy; a step in a food chain
Trophic level
linear pathway of energy transfer in an ecosystem
Food chain
organism that eats only plants or algae
flesh-eating organism
animal that eats both plants and animals
organism that obtains its energy by feeding on dead organisms or wastes
organism that causes decay
a network of interconnected food chains in an ecosystem
Food web
diagram that depicts each trophic level in an ecosystem and how much energy is stored in each trophic level
Energy pyramid
the dry weight of tissue and other organic matter found in a specific ecosystem
cycle in which a substance, such as carbon or water, enters into an environment’s living reservoir where it remains for a certain period of time and is returned to a nonliving reservoir
Biogeochemical cycle
water found beneath Earth’s surface
Ground water
loss of water from a plant through its stomata
process of combining nitrogen gas with hydrogen to form ammonia
Nitrogen fixation

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