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EXtensor muscles of the leg and foot


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POSTERIOR muscles:
plantaris, gastrocnemius, soleus, popletius
POSTERIOR tendons:
calcaneal tendon (achilles), flexor tendon, peroneal tendon, flexor retinaculum, superior peroneal retinaculum; calcaneus
ANTERIOR muscles:
peroneus longus, tibialis anterior, peroneus brevis, exensor digitorum longus, extensor hallucis longus +extensor retinaculum and peroneal reintinacula (below lateral malleolus)
cross section view tg pg 361
tibia bone, clockwise: tibialis anterior, extensor hallucius longus, externsor digitorum longus, peroneus longus, peroneus brevis, flexor hallucis longus, tibialis posterior, flexor digitorum longus, soleus and calcaneal tendon
review the movements on tg pg 362
inversion, eversion, dorsiflexion, plantar flexion, extention of 2-5 toes
gastrocnemius muscle is polyarticular. true or false. name its ORIGIN and INSERTION
true. O condyles of the femur
I Calcaneus
soleus is deep to the gastrocnemius. true or false. name its ORIGIN and INSERTION
true. O soleal line, posterior surface of the tibia and proximal posterior surface of the fibula I Calcaneus via calcaneal tendon
plantaris (short muscle belly, longest tendon in the body) - also mildly polyarticular
(plantaris is like the palmaris longus of the foremarm) absent in 10% of population
O lateral condyle of the femur
I Calcaneus via calcaneal tendon
popliteus - the key that unlocks the knee
O lateral epicondyle of the femur
I proximal posterior aspect of the tibia
peroneus longus (everts the foot)
O proximal two-thirds of lateral fibula
Ibase of the first metatarsal
peroneus brevis (everts food and assists to plantar flex the ankle - talocrural joint)
O distal two-thirds of the lateral fibula
I Tuberosity of the ffifth metatarsal
what is the name of the rare third peroneus muscle
also: extensors are on the front or the back of the lower leg
peroneous tertius - will be found anterior to the front of the ankle - acutally a short branch of the extensor digitorum longus that attaches along with the brevis at the 5th metatarsal
also: FRONT
tibialis anterior is large, superficial and easiest to identify. lie directly lateral to the tibial shaft
I tibial tuberosity
O base of 1st metatarsal (like the peroneus longus)
extensor digitorum longus
fibula head and tibia (two heads) and goes down the lateral side, extending out to the 2-5 toes
extensor hallucis longus
fibula 1/2 way down - to big toe Metatarsal 1 like the peroneus longus

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