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Gilbreath- 2220- Final exam material


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What is "scientific rationalism"?
faith in the scientific method to explain all phenomena, including human behavior
World War 1

brutality and global involvement creat doubt that rationality could improve the lot of humankind
- science used to horrific effects in trench warfare
what is "culture bound"?
ideas are not truly translatable
What was Sigmund Freud know for?
- The "conscious" part of our mind is not always the seat of reason- it is often guided by the subconscious.
- The sdubconscious control of human behavior argues against faith in rational mind
What did Albert Einstein discover?
Theory of relativity
What is relativity?
the relationship of space to time defines reality, which is fluid
- not constant
What is alienation?
disconnectedness, from God, other people, and even ourselves
What does absurd mean?
darkly comic view of a world that makes no sense at all
What did T.S. Eliot write?
The Love of Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, Cats (musical), Alice and Wonderland
What is Prufrock considered as?
THE Modernist poem
How is Prufrock characterized as?
-Fragmentation- verse, language, metaphors, time, idea
-Discontent- with the world, with people and self
-Subjectivity- hero and others trapped in their own consciousnesses
- Lack of poetic inspiration, energy, strength of will
- Paralysis- unable to make decisions, assert oneself
- Fear and hoplessness
What is metonymy?
a poetic device of letting an associated object suggest the whole (ex: sceptre suggests king)
EX: fog/cat in pruffrock
What is a synecdoche?
a poetic device of letting a part stand for a whole ( a sail= a ship)
What did Virginia Woolf write?
"Mark on the Wall"
What is Stream of Consciousness?
literary genre that attempts to capture the unfiltered flow of impressions and feelings that make up any given moment of consciousness; writers try to imitate the total content of the mind before reason and order are employed
- these novels try to capture images that spark though before they are thoughts
Who were the Qing dynasty?
The last dynasty in China, and its fall was secured by the influx of the West

collapses in 1911
What was the Opium War (1839-42)?
with Britain forcing China to open its ports to all of Europe
What was the Taiping rebellion (1854-64)& Boxer Rebellion (1899)?
Was the when large reform efforts were put into motion
In china, The Nationalists believed in?
opposed to a new dynasty and concerned about foreign interference, assume power

- leader Sun Yatsen
- forced to move to Taiwan (1949) by the Communist Party
In china, The Communist Party
defeats Nationalists and becomes dominant party and force Nationalists to Taiwan
- mao ze dung
Who established the literary journal "New Youth"?
Lu Xun
Who was LU Xun?
wrote "Diary of a Madman"

- established "New Youth" literary journal
-established the "league of Left-Wing Writers"
- never joins communist party
- earned a medical degree in japan
- new culure Movement
Diary of a Madman?
writen by Lu Xun
- first short story
- 1st work of modern Chinese literature
- Critical Realism
What is Critical Realism?
school of writing that used realistic characters to examine the obstacles to social progress in China
Who were the Dravidians?
1st civilization to peak at 2600 BCE
- invaded by ayrians (related to persians)
- bring in sandskrit
- caste system
- religion- hinduism
What is the New Culture Movement?
vernacular language
speak about social issues
rejection of Confucian ideas
rejections of civil exam
What are the hinduism sacred texts?
- 4 basic texts- Rig, Yajur, Sama, Atharva
-Vedic Writings include:
- Brahmanas
- Upanishads
1000-700 BCE
- concepts of Brahmin priesthood, reincarnation into immortal body, ritual sacrifice
- vedic writing
700-500 BCE
- supporting "enlightenment" as a path to salvation
- responsibility
- denies efficacy of ritual sacrifice or necessity of priesthood
Who wrote My Coy Mistress?
Andrew Marvel
Caste System
-infulence of Bramhanas
- vedas require purity that becomes translated into racial/class divisions
4 Hindu Castes ("Varnas")
- Brahman
- Kshatria
- Vaisia
- Sudra
- Untouchables- not a caste
What are the Brahman?
- priests and literati
- fair-skinned
What are the Kshatria?
- rulers, aristrocrats, warriors
- fair-skinned
What are the Vaisia?
- landlords and businessmen
- fairskinned
What are Sudra?
- Peasants and working class (non-polluting occupations)
- servant class
- darker-skinned "locals" or mixed-race people
What are the Untouchables?
Outcasts (not members of any caste) who perform "unclean" tasks
- inherited occupations that made them unclean to memebers of the 4 varnas
- ex: butcher
" Skin color"
- aryan conquest of india led to color discrimination
East India Company?
British merchants took tea from india and sold around the world
- colonizes until 1857 "mutiny"
Raj Era?
When British Government assumes control of India in 1858
Sanskrit-based grammar and vocabulary, written from left to right in Devanagari script
Sanskrit grammar, Persian Vocab, written from right to left in Nasta'liq script
fusion of Hindi and Urdu
British-educated indians often reject english as the language of colonialism
After the split of India in 1847 , which countries had which nationalities?
Pakistan- muslim
India- hindu
short story
The Road to Salvation?
written by Premchand
- is impeded by men's own faults such as hubris, greed, and envy
Why did the black people on the farm go to Joahanasburg?
money and better food
When is the last time the girl sees the Chief?
after the goat incident
What does she take with her when she is traveling around the country side?
2 dogs and a rifel
What new emotion does she feel when going to the village?
fear and lonlieness
What poem does the girl recite?
lady of Shallot
What does the term kaffir mean?
black native
What country was Doris Lessing BORN in?
How did she know where the village was?
followed the chief's son
What happened to the Chief and his people?
they were moved 200 miles away to a native reservation
What did the narrarator & friends on occasion do for amusing themselves?
Sic the dogs on the natives and chase them up the tree
What plant grows on the village after the natvies leave?
pumpkin vines
Where did Doris Lessing grow up?
Rhodesia (zimbawbae)
What is the Chief's initial reaction to her entering the village?
motionless and unpleased
What is Mrs. Gilbreath's Bday?
12/30/51 (send her cards!)
Different colored notebooks mean?
different writing themes
What was the narrators mother's response to learning that the cook was the chief's son?
made things harder on him
What was Doris Lessing's parents' professions?
nurse and banker
What was Lessing's political affiliation?
communist party
What greeting was appropriate at all hours of the day?
Why did the girl go to the village?
How did Browoski comit suicide?
by gas
what did Browoski work as in the camp?

what is a kappo? a senior prisoner in charge of a group of prisoners
what did the red cross truck carry?
what or who is canada?
the name of the men getting the supplies off the transport
As a teen Browoski rebeled by?
writing polish poetry
what university did Browoski attend illegally?
Warsaw University
What kind of gas was used?
cyclone B
Who was housed in FKL?
What was the woman walking away from so as not to be incinerated?
her child
what was the concentration camp's name?
Who ever in the camp has food ...
has power
Prisoners eat what on their bed
dead and crippled were taken...
straight to the creamatorium
Night transport, the narrarator thinks he is pulling out a corpse out of the transport and the hand is taken back, what is his reaction
he throws up
Auschwitz is in what country?
what is Es paronto?
language spoken to merge the European languages
What is the smokestack?
the creamatorium
Only form of pity
"people are deceived until the last moment" before being gassed
Borowski's Father was departed to where?
When the transport stops and people are screaming the nazi guard does what?
shoots his gun in order to quite them down
what happens to the girl with one leg?
thrown in truck with corpse and taken to be burned alive
For what organization did Browoski worked for what after the war?
Poland Stalinist Government
What insect were the prisoners compared to?
Valuables from the transports are sent?
to Germany and the Reich

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