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AR's and FM's


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What is AR 930-5
Army Red Cross
what is AR 601-280
Army Reenlistment and Retention Program
What is AR 215-1
Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers
What is AR 40-121
What is AR 350-17
Noncommissioned Officer Developement program
What is AR 600-9
Army Weight Controll Program
What is AR 608-47
Army Family Action Plan
What is AR 600-20
Army Command Policy and Procedures (Chain of Command)
What is AR 27-10
Military Justice
What is AR 930-4
Army Emergency Relief
What is AR 621-6
Army Learning Center
What is AR 621-5
Army continuing education services
What is AR 608-1
Army Community Services
What is AR 600-8-22
Military awards
What is AR 350-30
Code of Conduct
What is AR 600-25
Salutes,Honors,and visits of courtesy
What is AR 840-10
Auto and airplane plates
What is AR 623-205
What is AR 600-20 chptr 3
Chain of Command (NCO)
What is AR 600-8-8
Total Army Sponsorship Program
What is AR 385-10
Army Saftey Program/accident reporting
What is AR 600-85
Army Substance Abuse Program
What is AR 350-1 chptr1 section 21
Army Physical Fitness Program
What is FM 3-22.68
M240B/M60 Machine gun/ SAW

Squad Automatic Weapon
What is FM 3-22.31
M203 A1
Grenade Launcher w/ M4 machine gun
What is FM 7-0
Training the Force
What is FM 22-100
What is FM 3-23.25
Light Anti-tank Weapon
What is FM 21-76
What is FM 7-22.7
Duties, Responsibilities, and authorities of an NCO
What is FM 20-3
Camouflage,Concealment and Decoys
What is FM 21-10
Field Sanitation & Hygiene
What is FM 27-10
Law of Land Warfare
What is FM 3-5
Field Handbook Decontamination
Tactics,Techniques,and Procedures for Protection. Multi Service tactics, techniques, and procedures for Defense Operations
What is FM 4-25.11
First Aid
What is FM 3-25.26
Map Reading and Land Nav.
What is FM 7-1
Battle Focus training
What is FM 3-21.5
D&C Drill and Ceremony
What is FM 22-6
Guard Duty
What is FM 3-22.65
M2 50 Caliber machine gun
What is FM 23-23
M18A1 Claymore
What is FM 3-22.9
What is FM 3-23.25
chptr 3
M136 AT4
84mm,Lightweight,single shot,man portable, self contained, antiarmor weapon
What is DA Form 4950
Good Conduct Medal Certificate
What is DA Form 2442
Certificate of Achievement
What is DA Form 7013
Certificate of Appreciation
What is DA Form 638
recommend/request an award
What is DA PAM 27-1
Geneva Convention
What is the M18A1
Claymore mine

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