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SAT II World History


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When did humans first appear?
6,000,000 years ago
When did the Paleolithic (old stone age) age begin?
3.2 Million Years Ago (m.y.a.)
Appearance of Homo habilis?
2.5 m.y.a.
Appearance of Homo erectus?
1.4 m.y.a.
Appearance of Homo sapiens?
100,000 years ago
When did the Neolithic (new stone age) age occur?
8000-5000 BCE
When was Jericho founded?
8000 BCE
When did agriculture appear in the world?
When was Catal Huyuk founded?
7000 BCE
When were animals domesticated?
4000 BCE
Who discovered the first human, Lucy? Where? What year?
Donald Johanson. Ethiopia. 1974.
When did the Sumerians move into mesopotamia?

When was the wheel and bronze tools discovered?

When was maize domesticated in Mexico
4000 BCE
When did cities first appear in Mesopotamia?
3500 BCE
When was Egypt unified under the first dynasty?
3100 BCE
When was the Egyptian Old Kingdom?
3100-2200 BCE
When was the Akkadian empire formed?
2300 BCE
When was the Egyptian Middle Kingdom?
2100-1650 BCE
When did Hammurabi reign?
1792-1750 BCE
When was the Shang Dynasty?
1766-1122 BCE
When did the Hyksos invade Egypt?
1650 BCE
When was the Egyptian New Kingdom?
1550-700 BCE
When did the Aryans invade the Indus Valley?
1500 BCE
When were Confucianism and Daoism formed?
500 BCE
When was legalism formed?
350 BCE
When was the Olmec civilization?
1000-300 BCE
When was the Chavin culture?
800-400 BCE
When did Siddhartha Guatama (Buddha) live?
563-483 BCE
When did Confucius live?
551-479 BCE
When did the Persians conquer Mesopotamia and Egypt?
525 BCE
What was a ziggurata?
A multilayered temple whose height was designed to bring glory to the gods and to its builders.
What was cuneiform?
Sumerian system of writing, made with a wedge shaped stylus in wet clay. Used pictographs.
What was the Epic of Gilgamesh?
A Sumerian tale, the first epic poem in world literature. Describes Sumerian gods, creation of man, and a Flood story.
What was Hammurabi's Code?
Eye for an eye, women treated more harshly than men, nobles could pay a fee, initiated government's responsibility for regulating people
Who was Menes?
The first pharoah in 3100 BCE
What were hieroglyphics written on?
How were they first deciphered.

The Rosetta Stone, discovered in 1798 under Napoleonic rule and deciphered in the 1820's by Jean Francois Champollion
Who was Queen Hatshepsut?
Female pharaoh of Egypt, promoted international trade.
Where were Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro?
The Indus River Valley
What was purdah?

What is sati?
Public Isolation from non-family members.

The suicide of widows.
How did the Aryans invade?
Throught the Kyber Pass of the Hindu Kush Mountains
What are the Vedas?
hymns and chants given to the indigenous people from the Aryans. Included the Rigveda
What is the procession of the Aryan caste system?
Brahmins = priests
Farmers, traders, freemen
Pariahs = Untouchables
What were the Upanishads and the Mahabharata and the Ramayana?
Early teachings and myths of Hinduism
What is karma?
The combination of good and evil deeds?
What is dharma?
The rules of one's caste

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