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Define the purpose of the naval aviation safety program
preserve human and material resources
Explain the safety responsibilites of the following personnel: CO, Aviation safety officer, ground safety officer, DH, Div O, Safety Petty officer, All Hands
CO - ensure all persons instructed & drilled in all safety precautions & procedures ASO - advisor to CO on all aviation safety matters Ground - advisor to CO on all ground safety matters DH-coordinates dep't safety program with units ASO Div O-ensure personnel are familiar with all command safety info Safety PO - AW1 Grant ensure personnel are fam with safety in their w/c, All Hands - fam w/ all safety applicable to them and their duties
Explain the functions of the Safety Council / Enlisted Safety Committee
Headed up by the XO. Formed to set goals, manage assets, and review safety related recommendations
Discuss how the following contribute to aviation mishaps: Human error, maintenance and support factors, admin and supervisory factors, material failures or malfunctions, environmental factors
Human error - it is part of nearly every mishap, Maintenance and support factors - improper maintenance, Admin and sup factors-improper level of sup or failure of qualified personnel, Material - faulty design, Environmental - Extreme exposure to heat,cold
Define the following mishap classes: Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D
Class A = damage $1million +, results in death or total disability. Class B = > than $200K, but < $1mil, partial disability or 3+ hospitalized. Class C = > $10k but < $200k, loss of time beyond a day. Class D = <$10k, no lost time, non-fatal
State the objective of the Aviation Gas-Free engineering program.
ensure a safe environment is maintained when working on fuel systems
Explain the hazards associated with Radio Frequency (RF) energy
It can generate electrical currents or voltage large enough to threaten life
State the purpose of the laser safety hazard control program
to design a series of safety factors when using lasers
explain the purpose a safety stand down
to devote time to safety training and awareness
Discuss the concept of ORM
a systematic decision making process used to identify & manage hazards
Explain the following as they apply to ORM
Identifying-list major steps
Assessing-determine risk probability and severity
Making risk decisions-start w/ most serious first
Implementing contorls-administer
Supervising-conduct evalautions

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