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GRE Essay Section Definitions and Terms


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False Dilemna
A statement that assumes there are only 2 options:
"America: Love it or leave it!"
Claim that supports the conclusion
An assertion that is either true or false
The main claim of an argument
Basic Argument Structure
Persuasive appeal of 2+ statements, including at least one premise and at least one conclusion
Overstated Generalization
a proposition that mkes a broad statement about a specific group/institution:
"It isn't up to schools to provide health education."
Appeal to Authority
Invoking the views of authorities to support an argument.
Inductive Fallacies
Inappropriate reliance on a sample. Often involves inferences made on a large pop. based on a small sample.
Hasty generalizations
A conclusion drawn when the size of the sample is too small to serve as a basis for the conclusion.
Unrepresentative Samples
A sample that differs in significant ways from the population as a whole
False Analogy
Comparing two things that differ in such a way as to invalidate the commonality
Fallacy of Exclusion
Occurs when all relevant information isn't taken into account.
Slippery Slope
If X happens, then Y will definitely follow

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