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english word cells unit 9 sections 4 and 5


undefined, object
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to cast or throw
e ject
to throw out; to remove


to cast or throw
in ject
to throw or drive something into something else


to cast or throw
pro ject
to shoot or throw something forward

forth; forward

to cast or throw
re ject
to the back; to refuse to accept

again; back

to cast or throw
ad ject ive
the part of speech that modifies a noun

to or toward

to cast or throw

having the quality or nature of
tra ject ory
the path followed by an object moving through space

across; beyond; through
de jected
depressed in spirits; disheartened

remove or undo

to cast or throw
inter ject
to insert between other things

between or among

to cast or throw
sub ject
something that is cast below; someone you rule

under; below

to cast or throw
ab ject
utterly hopeless, miserable, or wretched

away from

to cast or throw
anything that is visible or tangible and is relatively stable in form

to cast or throw
a thousand
kilo gram
a metric measure of weight equal to one thousand grams

one thousand

a metric measure of weight
kilo liter
a metric measure of volume containing one thousand liters

one thousand

a metric measure of volume
kilo meter
a measure of length equal to one thousand meters

one thousand

measurement of length
kilo ton
a unit of weight equivalent to one thousand tons or 2,000,000 pounds

one thousand

2,000 pounds
kilo watt
a unit of power equal to 1,000 watts

one thousand

a unit of power

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