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M&L 755 final


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Craigslist serves as MAJOR competitor to which type of media?
GRP-gross ratings points
The primary objective of a sales promotion is to induce:
Which of the following is NOT one of the levels of relationships with brands?
clutter, editorial enviroment, number of media used, attentiveness, scheduling, complexity, uniqueness, new vs. contuing, image advertising, message variation, wearout
Where does straight selling/factual message work best?
Q1-newspapers and b-to-b
Scientific/technical evidince messaging works best in:
Q1 and Q3-common B-to-B
Demonstration messaging works best in which quadrant:
Q1 and Q3-Tv and internet
Comparison messaging is useful in which quadrant:
Q1 and Q3-direct and indirect comparison ads cmmunicate a competitive advantage
Testimonial/endorsment Messaging:
Substitute WOM-humorous examples
Slice of Life/Death Messaging:
Q1 and Q3-tv, fear appeals
Animation Messaging:
Q2 and Q4-online, tv, cinema-popular with products targeted towards kids
Personality/Symbol Messaging:
Q3 and Q4-print or video
Imagery Messaging:
What can happen during Drama/Storytelling Messaging:
television or cinema-audience gets lost in story
young demographic, rebels, young boys
Continuity, flighting, pulsing
Reach, Frequency, and CPM
What are the limitations of TV advertising:
cost is prohibitive, trend toward targeting secific groups, fleeting nature of the message, trend toward asynchronous viewing
______ is the most important and justifiable reason to is to encrouage consumer trial of a new product or service.
1. The following are the 5 Phases of the Creative Process in order.
Immersion, Digestion, Incubation, illumination, verification
Which of the following new media effectiveness measures that capture non-traditional media?
stickiness, engagment, recency
What are the different types of newspaper?
daily, weekly, national, specialty, supplements
4. What was the main problem in the XM Satellite Radio Case?
unidentified target market
Which consumer-oriented sales promotion technique is the most effective way to generate trial?
These factors must be considered when trying to reach effective frequency:
clutter, number of media used, attentivness
What portion of consumers make their purchase decision in the store?
two thirds
2. An example of an advertising schedule where you are constantly in the market and do not take breaks, often used with packaged goods, is known as_______?
Which of the following steps of the creative process involves stepping away from the problem and is sometimes overlooked
Which of the following companies is NOT a partner with the Product Red campaign?
What are the measures that capture online media:
recency, stickiness, engagment
When you have a high category development index but a low brand development index this tells you what when deciding where to promote?
The category shows potential but the brand is not doing well
Which of the following does NOT work well in QI(high level of involvement and a functional product) and QIII ( low level of involvement and a functional product type) using the FCB Grid?
This part of the creative process involves ceasing analysis.
Media Planning involves a series of decisions, including:
the medium to be used, the reach goals of the campaign, the cpm
The Copy Platform Outline includes:
basic problem/issue the advertising must address, advertising and communications objectives, creative strategy statement
WHat are examples of traditional marketing media:
television, radio, newspaper
What is the correct order of the Creative Process?
immersion, digestion, incubation, illumination, verification
what are some examples of a Consumer-Oriented Sales Promotion Technique?
sampling, couponing, premiums
What are some advantages of Television as a marketing media?
low cost per exposure, mass coverage, attention getting
What are the three creative decison filters:
brand, campaign, and communication filters
According to media planning and how a message is to be delivered, what are the two most important measures when looking at traditional media?
reach and frequency
Limitations to radio advertising are:
abscence of visual image limits of what it can convey about a product or service, less prestigious than tv, limited attention and fleeting messages
Who is considered the "gatekeeper" between the client and the creative staff?
account manager
Examples of branded entertainment are:
product placement, sponsorship, product integration
This research technique involves asking consumers familiar with a product (or service) to generate an exhaustive list of things that bother them or problems they encounter when using it:
Problem Detection
When Bayer asprin calls itself the "wonder drug that works wonders," this is an example of:
Rosser Reeves noted three characteristics of unique selling propositions. Which of the following is NOT one of his identified characteristics.
. The proposition must generate sales growth within the first 6 months of communication to the public.
Which of the following advertising schedules would work best for a company who is very aware of seasonal demand?
What is the most expensive time for advertising during television "dayparts"?
what are the advantages of magazines for advertisers:
services they offer to advertisers, permanence, creative flexibility
What is true about advertising in the yellow pages:
Advertisers like to measure circulation as the number of households/individuals that have the directory, The Yellow Pages do no create awareness or demand for products or services, Ad space is relatively inexpensive compared to other media
Consumer-oriented sales promotions include:
point-of-purchase displays
which of the following is an advantage of advertising on television:
captivity and attention, creativity and impact, coverage and cost effectivness
In the Benetton Case, what broad generalization did Luciano Benetton make about avertising?
The purpose of advertising is to convey a single strong image
Whis type of advertising would be most appopriate for a product with consistent demand and no seasonality?
As mentioned in the XM Satellite Radio Case, who was a competitor to XM?
sirus satellite radio, internet music, traditional radio stations
Which of the following correctly ranks the CPM of traditional media from the highest to the lowest?
Television--radio--outdoor media
what are some types of nontraditional media:
blogs, radio, branded entertainment
Which of the following is a Trade Promotion:
What type of tradtional advertising is ubiquitous, cheap, and quick to produce?
Appeals designed to act on an emotional level can have more impact than rational appeals True or false
What are limitations of radio:
abscence of visual image limits what it can convey about a product/service, less prestigious than tv, limited attention and floating messages
What are some charactersitics of how PR adds value to IMC:
creates excitment before media advertising breaks, improves ROI by reducing marketing costs, viewed as highly credible
Which creative decision filter is the most challenging filter, which requires you to put yourself into the mindset of someone who might be very different from yourself?
resonance filter
The use of imagery is a classic example of advertising in which FCB grid quadrant?
what are some advantages of using magazines as a form of print media:
non-intrusive, high involvment, long shelf life, selectivity and flexibility, trusted source for information
PR adds value to IMC in what ways:
breaks through clutter, viewed as highly credible, provides value-added customer service
What are the roles that firms can play in social networking:
arbitrator, mediator, moderator
Which of the following describes a creative strategy?
. An ad for a product portrays the product as highly innovative
For a company who wants to communicate its value / personality, the most effective execution techniques is:
In the creative process, the "Eureka" moment usually happens after ⬦.
putting the problems away for a while
From your notes, which of the following is the correct order of the creative process?
immersion, digestion, incubation, illumination, verification
____can be used as a substitute for WOM or to stimulate WOM:
Advantages to advertising on the radio are:
ads are ubiquitousb, inexpensive, fosters imagination
. __________________ represent a direct inducement which either offers extra incentive for purchasing the product value or ad.
What are some advantages of using newspapers as an advertising medium:
Newspapers are the largest of all advertising media in terms of dollar volumes,Newspapers are great for local advertisers because of the market coverage offered,Newspapers have short lead times and are inexpensive to produce
What are the parts of television "dayparts" in the a.m.:
daytime, early fringe, prime-time access
What should you look for when utilizing sales promotions?
the trough, the lift
How does PR add value to the IMC process?
it creates excitement before media advertising breaks, it is viewed as highly credible, it improves ROI by reducing marketing costs
The Straight Sell/Factual Message works well in what quadrant of the FCB Grid?
Advantages of radio advertising inclue:
inexpensive to produce, cheap airtime, quick production
In the creative decision filter model, which question being asked relates to the Campaign filter?
effective extension of campaign equities?
When managing online social interactions (blogs, etc) a firm can leverage their role in the process by being a:
observer, moderator, mediator
Which of the following is a potential downfall of using sales promotions?
consumers become addicted to the promotion, and won't purchase the items otherwise, erodes brand equity
______ can be very effective in convincing consumers of a product's utility or quality and of the benefits of owning or using the brand
ads using demonstration execution
What are the objectives of consumer oriented sales promotion:
obtaining trial and repurchase, defending current customers, targeting a specific market
Well- Known brands and market leaders use which type of advertising
What type of advertising appeal focuses on the consumer's practical, functional, or utilitarian need for the product or service and/or the benefits or reasons for owning or using a particular brand?
What are some examples of transit advertising:
outside posters, inside cards, station/platoform/terminal posters
Which brand filter is associated with lifestyle categories and represents the brand in terms of values, sensibilities, and identifies means more than product benefits?
symbolism filter
Which advertising medium has the lowest average CPM?
1. This step in the creative process if often forgotten, but is important because it turns the information over to the subconscious to do the work.
2. When using BDI and CDI indexes, having ______ BDI and ______ CDI suggests the category shows high potential but the brand is not doing well.
3. All of the following are challenges Newspapers are facing as advertising mediums:
competition from other media for classified advertising, on-line delivery, declining circulation
4. The most important and justifiable reason to promote is to
encourage consumer trial
What are some forms of online advertising:
banners, sponsorships, contextual ads
How is television advertising sold:
Which of the following is an advertising appeal which is designed to build curiosity about a product?
Teaser advertising
Which of the following describes a media strategy in which continuity is maintained but at certain times promotional efforts are stepped up to allow for greater awareness?
In regards to emotional bonding, all of the following are levels of relationships with brands
product benefits, personality, emotions
The advertising technique that is represented in an ad, particularly for a packaged good product, is _____________, and is generally based on a problem/solution approach.
slice of life
As described in the video in class, Google uses two main kinds of advertising:
search and content advertising
Which is defined as a set of interrelated and coordinated marketing communication activities that center on a single theme or idea that appears in different media across a specified time period?
advertising campaign
Which of the following is TRUE with respect to Creative Strategy?
Developing a Creative Strategy entails deciding what the advertising message will say or communicate.
What is true about concerning the execution technique, "slice of life/death"
used mostly in tv, portrays a situation you might face in everyday life and offers situation, fer appeals fit here
If you are in charge of picking a media to advertise through and you are not looking to spend a lot and you are looking to have a short lead time and are willing to settle with a short life span of the ad, you will most likely choose which type of media?
_________ advertising builds curiosity about a product.
(RED) is best classified as a
unique business model
New Media Effectiveness measure that capture non-traditional media and on-line behavior include:
stickiness, engagemnt, receny
According to class notes, _______ are used specifically to entice consumers to choose one brand over another.
Which of the following media factors requires a higher frequency to be considered effective?
new vs. continuingcampaigns), complexity (of the message), message variation(single vs. multiple)
If there is both a low Brand Development Index (BDI) and a low Category Development Index (CDI) then there is:
poor market potential..not a good place to advertise
Which filter questions whether the target will identify with and make sense of cultural references within the brand?
Which of the following are generally used to get the consumer more involved with the brand and acquire information that can be used for direct marketing purposes?
what is true about the magazine media strategy:
offer a high degree of selectivity, are a trusted source of info, people view them as being non-intrusive
Compared to Marketing Objectives, Communication Objectives are not:
A "Power Idea" should be all of the following
be descriable in a simple word or phrase, should attract attention, should let potential customers experience the goods
"Media Planning" or decisions regarding how the message will be delivered involves answering which of these questions?
what medium will be used, and what are the reach and frequency goals for the campaign
The Internet allows for these communication types:
direct marketing, advertising, sales
When assessing effective frequency which fa tor/factors should be considered:
wearout, new vs. continuing, number of media users
immersing onself in the problem to get the background of raw material
ruminating on the data, turning it this way and that in the mind
ceasing analysis, putting the problem out of the concious mind for a time
studying the idea, evaluating it, and developing it for practical usefulness
serves as a constant reminder to the consumer, covers the entire buying cycle, allows for media priorities
has high costs, overexposure, limitied media allocation possible
cost effective only during purcahse cycles, one or medium can overlap it, seasonal products
weighting may offer more exposure, increased wearout, lackof awarness, interest, and retention of message, vulnerability to competitive efforts
no required for seasonal products or cyclicalproducts
Brand filters contain:
benefits, symbolisim, resonsnce
benefits in brand filters are:
communicate in a good manner, communicate through connotations and metaphors, communicate to target audeicen w effective cultural mindset
symbolsim in brand fiters:
does the ad show the symbol the brand is associated with
resonance in brand filters:
can the target audience make sense and identify with the refrence in the ad
communciation filters have:
story, and product integration
storys in communication filters:
is it simple and understandale, is it entertaining and interesting, is it creative and original
product integration in communicaiton filters:
the product should not be a prop
campaign filters
signature communication elsemtns
straigt sell is in: and done through:
q1, newspapers, b to b, print
scientific/technical is done in: is done through:
q1 and q3, b to b
demonstration is done in and is done through:
q1, q3- t.v., internet, example is swiffer
comparison is done in:
q 1 and q3- rague vs. prego
slice of life/death done in and through:
q1 and q3- on t.v., uses fear appeals
testimonal endorsemnt done in and through:
all quadrants, substitues wom, humorous, shaving example
imagery is done in and through:
q3, snowbaorder and vs ad
personality/symbol is done in and through:
q2 and q4- print and video, ex. target dog
animation is done in and through:
q2 and q4- hp example, t.v. internet, cinema
q1 is:
functional and high
q2 is:
hedonic and high
q3 is:
functional and low
q4 is:
hedonic and low

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