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Bible Exam 3


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4 Defining Sexuality of the individual
1. Natural Sex
2. Sexual Identity
3. Gender Rate
4. Sexual Orientation
3 Wrong approaches
1. Biological determinism
2. Social determinism
3. Theistic determinism
Marital intimacy is..
emotional closeness of 2 hearts which find expression in physical unions
Most exclusive emotional need
sexual fullfillment
3 wrong concepts about sex
1. sex as an instinct
2. sex as a duty
3. sex equals love
4 diff b/t men and women
1. males excited visually, women by touch
2. males- sex is physical, women - deeply emotional
3. males- excited quickly, females- need time
4. males function sexually when tense, women when relaxed
2 sex dysfunction in men
1. erectile
2. ejaculatory
2 sex dysfunctions in women
1. preorgasmic
2. vaginisums
3 things to do during engagement
1. get a good book
2. take turns reading
3. stop and ask questions
How this helps
1. each knows what the other knows
2. learn about one another
3. get over difficulty of talking about sex
4 essentials in marriage
1. communicate
2. don't compromise
3. seek help early
4. keep learning
human sexuality - 2 functions
1. procreative
2. unitive
Birth Control Advocates
1. pop growth & depletion of nat resources
2. change in sexual behavior
3. family finances
4 ways of contraception
1. they prevent fertilization of ovum by sperm altogehter
2. prevent fertilized egg from attacking wall of uterus
3. destory embryo after implantation
4 methods of birth control
1. natural - rhythm, coitus interruptus, abstinence
2. mechanical - barrier or device
3. chemical - chem reactions to prevent contraception
4. surgical abortion or sterilization
4 considerations in choosing birth control
1. safety
2. effectiveness
3. motivation
4. personal taste
6 sexual ?? not like other sin
1. life changing
2. against the body
3. against another person
4. brings unusual sorrow
5. means some things are lost forever
6. damning
4 major philosophies on premarital sex
1. sexual abstinence
2. permissiveness w/ affection
3. permissiveness w/o affection
4. double standard
4 common reasons for living together
1. love
2. finances
3. practical
4. engagement
4 real reasons for living together
1. fear
2. sex
3. manipulation
4. immaturity
6 social factors
1. society doesnt look the same
2. accepting selfishness
3. external / social pressures are weighed against fidelity
4. old, reliable helps are gone
5. adultery is now convenient
6. society puts premium on sexual fulfillment
7 myths about affairs
1. everyone is unfaithful, affairs are expected
2. affairs are good for a marriage
3. affairs prove that spouses no longer love each other
4. unfaithful partners are sexier spouses since they are seeking sex
5. affair = fault of faithful / innocent spouse
6. that there is protection thru ignorance of a spouse;s affair
7. that after an affair divorce is inevitable
5 characteristics of affairs
1. affairs return us to the excitemnet and unpredictablilty of unkown
2. affairs means we are back 2 freely choosing and being chosen
3. affairs take us back to erotic excitement of courtship and early marriage
4. excitement in oding something forbidden
5. affairs usually begin because needs are not being met physically/emotionally
Building a hedge 4
1. talk to your mate about how you would feel if it happened
2. make clear your commitment
3. express appreciation for their devotion
4. share your struggles
5 social factors about rising divorce rate
1. lengthened life expectancy
2. contemporary demands on marriage
3. orientation away from life long relationships
4. lack of positive role models
5. changes in societys attitude toward women
Paul Bohanam's overlapping experiences
1. emotional
2. legal
3. econmic
4. coparental
5. community
6. psychic
6 observation on divorce
1. div is contrary 2 divine intent
2. divorce is a declaration of failure and sin
3. in certain situations, separation or divorce may be the wisest and only choice
4. no such thing as textbook divorce
5. divorce is not unpardonable sin
6. god hates divorces
debate centers on two texts
1. matt 19
2. I Cor 7
3 Basic factors with good adj of children
1. psychologically helthy parents
2. lack of rancror and revenge between the divorce parents and regular visitation by the parent who doesnt have custody
3. that the children had an emotionally nurturant relationship with the father
4 ways divorce is different than death
1. must face spouse sometimes
2. diveroce is personal failure, death is support from society
3. divorce is family/friends embarassed, death - family and friends mourn with you
4. children get over it, div = go between houses
3 reasons remarriage is diff
1. no well - defined roles
2. established patterns
3. finances
3 views on divorce and remarriage
1. d/r is never permissable under any circumstance
2. d/r is permissable under certain specified circumstances (adultery, unbelieving spouse)
3. d/r is permissable under many circumstances
6 causes of divorce
1. adulter/infidelity
2. communication breakdown
3. work-related stress
4. financial problems and conflict over $
5. violence
6. substance abuse / addictions

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