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assignment 2 ch 4


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how many quantum numbers are used to describe the energy state of an electron in an atom
a spherical electron cloud surroudning an atomic nucleus would best repersent
an s orbital
an energy level of n=4 can hold _______- electrons
en energy level of n=2 can hold _____ electrons
an electron for which n=4 has more ___ than an electron for which n=2
the modern model of the atom that treates electrons as waves
quantum mechanical model of the atom
states that it is impossible to know both the velocity and the position of a particle at the same time
Heisenbery uncertainty principle
a three dimensinal region around the nucleus representnig the probabiliyy of finding an electron
atomic orbital
originally applied ot the hydrogen atom, it led to the quantum mechanical model of the atom
Schrodinger wave equation
atomic orbitals ________ have an exactly defined size
do not
each orbital may contain at most _____ electrons
all s orbitals are _____
spherically shaped
a principal enenrgy has __ energy sublevels
the maximum number of _ related to each principal energy level equals 2n2
there are __ equal energy p orbital
hydroven's principal energy level 2 consists of __ orbitals
2s and 2p
hydroven's principal energy level 3 consists of _____ orbitals
the bending of a wave as it passes by t he edge of an object is called
when waves overpal each other ____ occurs
the wave properties of electrons and other very small particles are described mathematically by
quantum theory
an orbtal, a three dimensiaonal region aroundt he nucleus indicates
the probable location of an electron
wave functions give only the probability of finding an electron at a given place around the nucleus
what are quantum numbers
numbers that specify the properties of atomic orbitals and the properties of electrons in orbits
principal quantum #
n, main enrgy levels surrounding nucleus
angular momentum number
l, shape of an orbital
magnetic quantum number
m, orientation of an orbital about teh nucleus
what does the spin number indicate
+1/2, -1/2 the two possible states of an electron orbital

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