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assignment 1 ch 4


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the wave model of light was not able to explain
the photoelectric effect
in a wave motion the product of frequency and wavelength is equal to
the speed of the wave
the common characteristic shown by X rays visible light infrared radiation and radio wavesis all have the same
the drop of an electron from a high enrgy level to the ground state in a hydroven atom would be most closely associated with
high frequency radiation
the change of an atom from excited state to ground state always involves
emission of electromagnetic radiation
an orbital may be defiend as
a higly probable location of an electron within the atom
the quantum model of the atom locates the electron
within a region of high probability
the size and shape of an electron clous is most closely related to the electrons
the quantum of electromagneitc energy is called a
the spectral lines of hydroven that occur in the ultraviolet region of the electromagnetic spectrum are called the
Lyman series
an optical instrument that separates lgith eneterng it into component wavelengths is a
prism, spectroscope
the lowest total enrgy of the electron in a hydrogen atom occurs when the electron is in teh state called the
ground state
in its ground state, an atom has its hightest possible energy
an atom is in an excited state when it has a higher potentioal energy that it has in its ground state
in bohrs model of the atoms the orbit is the path taken by the atom's protons around the nucleus
quatnum theory is a scientific explatnation for the fact that hydrogen atoms give offf only certain frequencies of light
what do emission spectra show
the frequencies at which light is given off from excited electrons
in some ways light behaves as an electromagnetic wave. this means that as the wavelenght of light increases its frequency
planck proposed the existence of quanta when he observed that
a hot object does not emit electromagnetic energy continuously
electromagnetic radiation is a kind of ___ that behaves like an _____ as it travels through space
energy, wave
_______ is one type of electromagnetic radiation. other examples include X rays, radio waves, and microwaves
all waves can be characterized by their wavelength, amplitude, frequency, and _______.
the shortest distance between equivalent points on a continuous wave is calle d a ______--
the height of a wave from the origion to a cres or from origion to trough is
______ is the number of waves that pass a given point in one second
the SI unit for frequency is the _________- - one wave per second
the lowest allowable enrgy state of an atom is called its
ground state
bohrs model of the atom predicted the _____ of the lines in hydrogen's atomic emission spectrum
according to Bohr's atomic model, the smaller an electron's orbit the _____ the atom's energy level
according to bohr, the larger an e-'s orbit the ______ the atoms energy level
bohr proposed that when energy is added to a hydroven atom, its _________ moves to a higher energy orbit
according to borhs atomic model , the hydroven atom emits a photon correspoind tin to the difference between the ______ _____ associated with the two orbits it transitions between
energy levels
bohr's atomic model failed to explain the _________ of elements other than hydrogen
atomic emission spectrum

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