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Changes in American Life


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Growth of cities resulting from industrialization
An apartment building that is usually run-down and overcrowded.
A neighborhood with overcrowded and dangerous housing
A movement aimed at improving the lives of the poor
social gospel
Founder of Chicago's Hull House in 1889 with Ellen Gates Starr.
Jane Addams
An organization that influences enough votes to control a local government
political machine
A famous political machine in NY City led by William Marcy
Tammany Hall
A person from southern or eastern Europe who entered the United States after 1900
new immigrant
The first stop in the United States for most immigrants coming from Europe
Ellis Island
The first stop in the United States for most immigrants coming from Asia
Angel Island
A place where cultures blend
melting pot
The process of blending into society
Enacted in 1882, this law banned Chinese immigration for ten years
Chinese Exclusion Act
Different treatment on the basis of race
Racial discrimination
Laws that were meant to enforce segregation
Jim Crow
Separation of white and black people in public places
An 1896 case in which the Supreme Court ruled that separation of the races in public accommodations was legal
Plessy v. Ferguson
An early leader in the effort to achieve equality
Booker T. Washington
Founder of the NAACP
W.E.B. Du Bois
Organization that played a major role in ending segregation in the 20th century
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
An African American who led the fight against lynching.
Ida B. Wells
A common culture experienced by large numbers of people
Mass culture
Owner of the New York World
Joseph Pulizter
Owner of the New York Morning Journal
William Randolph Hearst
A store that sells everything from clothing to furniture to hardware
Department Store
A publication that contains pictures and descriptions of items so that people can order by mail.
Mail-order catalog
Free time
A form of live stage entertainment with a mixture of songs, dance, and comedy
A blend of African American songs and European musical forms

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