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Chapter 3 Voyages of Christopher Columbus


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How did Columbus' shipwreck at age 25 change his life?
He swam ashore in Genoa and went to live with his BROTHER who taught him MAPMAKING.
How did reading the classical scholars Ptolemy and Mmarinus of Tyre?
He learned MATH and GEOGRAPHY which helped him in map making and NAVIGATION.
Where did Columbus learn his deep sea navigation skills and how to sail a caravel?
He spent ten years as a MERCHANT SEAMAN in Portugal, sailing to Africa.
How did Columbus gain access to the closely guarded navigation secrets of the Portuguese?
He MARRIED PORTUGUESE SEA CAPTAIN'S DAUGHTER and could study her father's maps and charts.
What was the great vision Columbus tried to get funding for?
He wanted to SAIL WEST to arrive in the EAST.
Why did Portugal deny Columbus support for his voyage?
They still believed that the Atlantic was TOO FAR FOR ANYONE TO BE ABLE TO SAIL IT.
Who financed Columbus' four voyages and why did he have to wait six years for it?
KING FERDINAND & QUEEN ISABELLA of SPAIN. They had to finish the RECONQUISTA, or getting their land back ffrom the Muslim Moors.
What was the Enterprise of the West Indies?
Columbus' name for his plan to establish a SEA ROUTE TO ASIA BY SAILING WEST.
WHY was Isabella willing to finance Columbus?
She wanted to SPREAD CHRISTIANITY around the world.
HOW did Spain finance Columbus?
What benefits did Columbus insist on receiving for his voyage?
Become a NOBLEMAN, COAT OF ARMS, 10% of WEALTH from conquered lands, RIGHT TO RULE any conquered lands.
Where did Columbus land in his first voyage? Where did he THINK he was?
He landed in the BAHAMAS (naming it San Salvador). He thought he was in ASIA.
What was La Navidad?
Columbus' FORT and his SHIP made from the ruins of the wrecked Santa Maria.
How did Columbus and his men treat the Indians?
BRUTALLY, they committed GENOCIDE. Columbus took them as SLAVES.
What lies did Columbus tell the King and Queen when he returned to Spain?
He said he found GOLD, SPICES. He told them the Indians were cannibals and would make good slaves.
Why did Isabella get so angry with Columbus that she had him brought home in leg irons from his third voyage and finally withdrew support altogether?
She was angry at his BRUTALITY to the Indians and SLAVE RAIDING.
What was Columbus' real contribution?
His discoveries in GEOGRAPHY.
What was the Line of Demarcation and the Treaty of Tordesillas?
Lands to the EAST OF THE LINE - PORTUGAL. Lands to the WEST OF THE LINE - SPAIN. They signed a TREATY to agree to it.
Name four important navigators after Columbus. Where did they sail?
1. PEDRO A. CABRAL - sailed to BRAZIL
2. AMERIGO VESPUCCI - first to realize S. America was NOT ASIA. Named it NEW WORLD.
3. BALBOA - Spanish, discovered PACIFIC OCEAN.
4. MAGELLAN - first to sail from ATLANTIC TO PACIFIC (went through STRAIT OF MAGELLAN at the tip of S.America)
Who was the first to circle the globe?
MAGELLAN'S CREW under CAPTAIN del CANO. in the VICTORIA (after Magellan died).

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