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Cell Respiration(Aerobic and anareobic) ATP


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What does ATP stand for? and what is it made of?
Adneosine Triphosphate and Adenine, 3 phosphates and ribose
Where is the most unstable bond next to the ribose or the last bond?
last bond
what does ATP turn into after energy is relased?
ADP and the cycle starts over again.
How many steps are there to Cell Respiration? and is it breathing?
3 steps. no
What are the reactants and products?
C6H12O6 + 6 O2=6H2O + 6CO2
What is the structure of the mitochondria?
Matrix, Outer Membrane, Inner Membrane, Inter Membrane, Cristate.
What are the 3 steps to Cell Resp. in order?
Glycolysis, Krebs Cycle, Electron Transport Chain
What occurs in Glycolsis?
Glucose is cut in half and NADH, 2 ATP (Net) produced and 2 pyruvate
Which processes are Aerobic and which are Anaerobic??? and where do they occur?
Aerobic: Krebs, mit. Matrix and mit. ETC, Inner Membrane
Anaerobic: Glycolis cytoplasm
What is used and produced in the Krebs Cycle?
Used:1 Pyruvate from Glycolisis
Produced: 1 ATP 4 NADH, 3 CO2
***Double for 2 pyruvate***
How are electrons taken to the ETC?
Via the NADH
What is the total amount of ATP's produced in ETC?
32-34 ATP with NADH
Total amount of ATP produced in Cell Respiration?
40 total- Glycolisis uses 2
Eukaryotes sometimes use 2 more
Total is 36-38 ATP
How is H2O produced?
electrons gather with some extra hydrogen then bond with the O2.
What is the importance of Oxygen in Cell Resp.
What occurs when Oxygen isn't availble?
if there wasn't any oxygen then the electrons couldn't be gathered and wouldn't be used.
*Bonus answer*

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