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Clin Lab VI Final


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What conditions are ideal for a room used for microbiology testing?
gas and electric outlets
fridge and incubators
washable floors
limited traffic
good lighting and ventilation
2 workspaces
ample storage space
What do you do when you are not sure of the correct stain to use?
Read manufacturer's instruction
Why do we innoculate milk sample
check for mastitis
Why do we innoculate intestinal infection
Why do we innoculate an eye specimen
fastidious/found normally
Why do we innoculate an ear
malessezia (yeast) in dogs
Diagnosis of cause of a disease is based upon what?
clinical signs
gross pathologic observations
organisms involved
results of other lab tests
Synthetic media
exclusively made from chemicals
exact chemical comp is known
experimental work
KOSER citrate broth
culture media
any material, solid or liquid, that can support growth of microorganisms
most convenient
enriched media
formulated to meet the requirements of the most fastidious pathogens
blood, serum and egg additives
selective media
chosen antibacterial substances
brilliant green agar and MacConkey agar
differential media
allow bacteria to be differentiated into groups by biochemical reactions
Simmons Citrate
basic nutrient media
typically contain peptone, salt, dextrose, water,meat extract and solidifying agent
needed for growth
Blood agar
enriched medium supports the growth of most bacterial pathogens, such as typticase soy agar
blood agar base
columbia agar
eugon agar
chocolate agar
if Hemophilus infection is suspected
McConkey Agar
differential medium
crystal violet, which suppresses growth of gram+ bacteria
Mannitol Salt Agar
not routinely used but a highly selective medium for staph
Tetrathionate broth is an enrichement broth for isolation of Salmonella
Selenite -used for isolation of Salmonella

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