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Fluency Phrases


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The people
Part of the time
Write it down.
This is a good day.
By the water
Can you see?
How will they do?
Sit down.
He called me.
Now and then
We had their dog.
But not me
What did they say?
Go find her.
When would you go?
Not now
No way
Look for some people.
A number of people
I like him.
One or two
So there you are.
How long are they?
Out of the water
More than the other
A long time
Come and get it.
We were here.
How many words?
Have you seen it?
Could you go?
It's no use.
One more time
It may fall down.
We like to write.
With his mom
All day long
At your house
Into the water
From my room
It's about time.
It's been a long time.
The other people
Will you be good?
Up in the air
Give them to me.
She said to go.
Then we will go.
Which way?
Now is the time.
Each of us
An angry cat
He has it.
May I go first?
What are these?
Write your name.
If we were older
This is my cat.
There was an old man.
That dog is big.

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