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State the general safety precautions for refueling aboard a ship?
Secure A/C with inital tie-downs, enter rotor arc 3&9 oclock, use correct hand signals, position fire guard/crash crew, proper A/C grounding.
MH60S danger areas?
Engine exahust/inlet, APU/ESC exahust, main rotor blades, tail rotor, SATCOM during operation.
Large hook of rescue hoist is rated at what?
3000lbs and use for personnel rescue.
The small hook is rated at?
1000lbs and use for light weight items
The equipment ring is rated at?
1500lbs and is use for light equipment.
What is a rescue strop?
called the horse coollar. inherently buoyant device made of closed cell foam with organge cover. used for resuce of one person who is not injured.
MEDEVAC litter?
For in whater, shipboard, mountain, and other ristricted area rescues.
SAR bag contains?
hoist gloves, safety belt, cable grip, chem lights, chem light strap, litter sling, quick splice, pneumatic rescue hand tool, blanket, cranial, sling, LPU-32.
duel cell, yoke assembly worn around the neck. has two user actuated floats and oral inflator. It provided 40lbs of bouyancy.
Rescue harness?
Worn by the swimmer on all rescues. carryes two oday/night flares MK-124. a pocket shroud cutter,strobe light, knife, and four chemical lights.
Used durning SAR missions. contains SDU-5E distress light and AN/PRC-125 radio. provided 30lbs of bouyancy.
Dual purpose self powered personal survival transceiver. Used primarily for two way voice comm between downed aircrew and rescue a/c. has a range of 60nm up to 10000ft.
Survival radio/transponder which recives an interrogation on predetermined UHF frequency. Provideds voice transmission over line of sight path.
Self-contained water tight batter operated dual channel comm transceiver providing two way comm on two ooperator selectable freq in three modes. voice transmit, voice recive, beacon transmit.
personal non-combat emergency comm radio and emergency locator becon.
Helicopter aircrew breathing device- compact self contained breathing device hold 1.5 cubic ft of air at 3000 psi. allows for 1-3 min of air.
SV-2B survival vest?
designed as contant wear item for use with the survival ves and will not interfere with the removal of the parachute harness. Provides 60lbs of bouyancy.
conditions that require the use oof anti-exposure suit?
water temp 50F ore below, OAT of 32F, water temp between 50-60 the CO will determine if its needed.
wind ristrictions for fold ing tail rotor pylon?
45 knots
Purpose of FLT control rigging?
to ocoordinat stick and pedal movement with correct blade angles.
factors that affect rotor blade lift?
angle of attack, weight, and drag.
Two areas to check for corr.
underside of a/c. And battery area, engine exhaust.
What type of engine does the MH60S use?
T700-GE-401C iis front drive turboshaft. at 59 degrees max horsepower 1662, an intermediate HP at 1800 for 30min, and selectable contingency power rateing of 1940 for 2.5 min.
1. Electronic sequence unit
2. Low-cycle fatigue
3. Gas generator turbine speed.
4.Power turbine speed.
1.Main rotor speed.
2.Compressor discharge pressure.
3.compressor inlet temp
4. turbine gas temp
contains thress stage core and inner baffle which reduces exhaust gas radiation and prevents line of sight viewing.
5 components of powertrain?
main trans modules, drive shaft, oil cooler, IGB, TGB.
Primary and secondary fuction of the Main trans?
take combine power from the two engines, reduce RPM's, and transfer it to the main tail rotors.

secondary-provides electrical and hydraulic power.
what chip detectors have fuzz burn off?
all except for engines.
Ohm's law?
current in an electrical circuit is directly proportional to the electromotive force in the circuit and inversely proportional to the resistance.
the number of complete cycles per second existing in any form of wave motion such as the number of cycles per second .
Output of a/c denerrators?
Voltage-115/2000 VAC, three phase, 400hz.
Different types of test?
Continuity-tells if the circuit is complete.
Voltage-to isolate malfuctions to major components.
digital multimeter?
Measures the ac and dc voltage to max 1000 volts and resisttance to 10megaohms.
1. embedded global positioning system inertial nav system.
2. Malfuction display.
3. heads up display.
4. communication systm controller.
Define pyrotechnics?
items that produce their effects by burning and are consumed in the process.
MK80 MOD O signal?
used by downed aircrew personnel. burn a min of 4.5 sec.
Used by downed aircrew personnel. using smoke or flare. produce red flare and orange smoke burn time 20 sec.
Marine locator marker- provide day or night refernce point for marking course of enemy subs. burn 10-20 min.
Used day or night for any condition that requires long burning. burns for 40-60 min visible for 3 miles.
Purpose of EMR?
report filed for unintentional detonation, firing, deflagration ,burning.
naval ordnance maint management program-issues policies, procedures, responsibilities.
Purpose of stray voltage checks?
to ensure the correct firing voltage is available to the appropriate station.
State the purpose of HERO?
radio frequency radiation can and may trigger a detonation in certain types of ordnance munitions.
Three categories of HERO?
safe, susceptible, unsafe.
Main transmition module?
Drives the Main and tail rotor blades.
Input modules?
Provided a change in angle of drive and a reduction in speed.
accessory module?
Provide a mechanical drive to hydraulic pumps and electrical generators.
Main fuel cell?
Each bag holds 180 gallons. They are self sealing from punctures.
Engine control quadrant?
Have 4 settings off, idle, fly, and lock out. Connect directly to the PAS.
Digital elctronic control unit. Governs Np, TGT limiting, Np overspeed, load sharing total torque limiting.
Hydromechanical unit. Contains high pressure pump and schedules fuel for combustion.
Load demand spindle. Connects to the collective sicks and provides more or less fuel for engines depending on load.
Overspeed drain valve. three functions provide main fuel flow to 12 injectors, purges the main fuel manifold when engine is stop cocked, diverts fuel from the engine when the DECU actates the overspeed solenoid.
function of EGI navigation system?
Used world wide for location information. has two modes EGI/INS and INS only. INS is use to located satalites for the EGI's.
Function of AFCS?
is an electohydromechanical system which provides inputs to the FLT control system to assist the pilots in maneuvering and handling the helo.
Advanced flight control computer is the cental components of the AFCS its a digital computer. It commands SAS actuators and tri, actuators in all four control channels. Also monitors faults and failures.
Downed aviator locator sytem. Used to located downed personnel that are using the AN/PRC-112.
use for position fixing and maintaing course track.

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