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American History Vocabulary Chp 7.1


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List the supplies that the Continental Army needed
Things a group of people need to carry out a task; Food, blankets, ammunition, clothing, boots
2 synanyms
A small paper booklet that gives information ro supports a position.
Booklet; leaflet; guide
Why was Colonel St. Leger's retreat so unusual?
Withdraw or move back;
Leger's retreat was unusual because the decision to retreat was based on false information leaked by American General Benedict Arnold
Where did the British surrender?
Stop fighting because you are unable to win.
The British surrendered at Saratoga after being bombarded by the Americans day and night without stopping
2 synanyms
Help an enemy. Surrender something important to you.
What made the win at Saratoga so important?
A place of decision.
A crossraods
After Saratoga European countries believed that America could win the war
How do you use a bayonet?
A long stell knife attached to the end of a gun.
A bayonet is used for close fighting to stab your opponent.
Who were allies for America during the American Revolution?
A country that agrees to help another country achieve a common goal.
Spain and France
Who did the privateers work for?
A privately owned ship that a wartime government gives permission to attack enemy vessels.
What was Washington's main strategy for the Continental Army?
An overall plan of action.
To survive

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