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Chapter 12- Memory


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short term memory
allows us to remember phone number just to dial it (a few minutes)
responsible for short-term memory
sensory memory
results from visual, auditory or olfactory input (last less than 1 second)
long term potentiation
results from long term memory- repeated input of knowledge-> repeated neuron stimulation-> cytological changes-> increase rate/magnitude of firing and neuron connections
cerebral cortex
where long term memory is stored
frontal lobe
responsible for integrating short and long term memory...ability to think ahead and predict consequences
declaritive/explicit memory
memory we have conscious awareness of accessing
type of declaritive: associated w/ words & numbers
type of declaritive: associated w/ emotions & sensations
procedural/ implicit
acquired and recalled subconsiously...acquired through repitition
destruction of frontal lobes (1900's)
large hippocampus (london cab drivers)
elephants & memory
use memory to find underground water sources during drought. animals cannot plan ahead and create thought.
long-term memory
important info...entire life

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