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Literature and Composition Unit 7 Vocab


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What are boughs?
They are branches.
What is complexion?
It is the texture and appearance of the skin.
What does debilitating mean?
It means weakening.
What does elite mean?
It means superior.
What is essence?
It is the central, defining quality of a thing.
What is happenstance?
It is coincidence.
What does 'in vain' mean?
It means of no use.
What does legislation mean?
It means law or laws.
What is marrow?
It is the inmost part.
What is a prelude?
It is an introductory event or action.
What does sanitize mean?
It means to clean up.
What is srutiny?
It is examination.
What is a tandem?
It is a pair.
What does tantalize mean?
It means to keep a desirable thing just out of reach.
What does ubiquitous mean?
It means being everywhere.
What is an upheaval?
It is a sudden, dramatic change.
What is a vulnerability?
It is a weakness.

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