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Ch 15 History


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Frederick IV of the Palatinate
Allied himself with Augustus II and with Peter I of Russia against Charles XII
Maximillian of Bavaria
Prince-elector of the Holy Roman Empire.
Ferdinand of Styria
Holy Roman emperor who waged constant war against Protestant forces.
Battle of White Mountain
Catholic win near Prague. Protestantism was exterminated until 1648.
Albrect von Wallenstein
Austrian military leader who fought for the Hapsburgs during the Thirty Years' War
Gustavus Adolphus
King of Sweden (1611–1632) who wanted control of Baltic States and was killed at the Battle of Lützen.
Peace of Westphalia
European settlements that ended the Thirty Years' War.
A territory existing as an independent state.
Bishop Jacques Bossuet
Spoke for the rights of the French church against papal authority.
Cardinal Richelieu
Directed France during the Thirty Years' War as chief minister of Louis XIII.
An administrative official serving a French, Spanish, or Portuguese monarch.
Cardinal Mazarin
Italian-born French cardinal who was tutor and chief minister to Louis XIV.
The Fronde
A political party in France who opposed the government.
The Parlement of Paris
Supreme court under the ancien régime in France.
Louis XIV
Waged three major wars: the Dutch War, the War of the Grand Alliance, and the War of the Spanish Succession.
Jean-Baptiste Colbert
French politician who served as an adviser to Louis XIV.
A city of north-central France southwest of Paris.
Peace of Utrecht, Peace of Rastatt
Series of treaties concluding the War of the Spanish Succession.
The Hohenzollerns
A family dynasty of electors, kings, and emperors of Prussia, Germany, and Romania.
Ivan the Terrible
The first czar of Russia (1547–1584). He terrorized the Russian aristocracy.
A member of a class of Russian nobility that headed the civil and military administration.
Michael Romanov
Czar of Russia (1613–45), founder of the Romanov dynasty.
Peter the Great
Russian czar (1682–1725) who extended his territory around the Baltic and Caspian shores.
Table of Ranks
A formal list of positions and ranks in military, government, and court of the Imperial Russia.
Holy Synod
The governing body of any of the Eastern Orthodox churches.
Great Northern War
Final stage of the struggle over the Polish-Swedish succession.
Suleiman I
Sultan of Turkey (1520–1566) under whose governance the Ottoman Empire reached the height of its power.
Elite corps of the Ottoman Empire's army from the late 14th to the early 19th century.
Siege of Vienna
Attempted capture of Vienna by Ottoman Turkey.
The lower house of the Polish parliament.
Formerly, the chief magistrate of the United Provinces of Holland.
Type of sailing vessel originally designed as a dedicated cargo vessel.

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