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Dr Gao's questons from her practice tests


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A person bought a lottery ticket and became a rich man overnight. When he was to be congratulated, he could not say anything and was restless. Which emotion would help him to rebalance?
fear, which is of the kidney, which controls the heart
A lady often felt dizzy, had bad sleep with lots of dreams, scared to drive at night, irregular and scanty and light colored menses, pale tongue with thin fur and thready and wiry pulse. Which of the 5 elements is diseased? What is her face color? If her
wood (menses is primary symptom)

green face color

pale face indicates insulting

better - dark is from Generating relationship
Summer disease will get better in
spring (from generating relationship)
A person felt stressed and sighed a lot, then later had distension of his abdomen and poor appetite. Which 5 elements relationship is it?
wood over acting Earth
Liver fire attacking Lung is an example of which 5 elements relationship?
A person had high blood pressure for 10 years, dizziness and lassitude, when he overworked and felt tired he had headache and low back pain, Which 2 elements have the disease?
wood and water
(low back pain = kidney)
(high blood pressure = liver)
A person was always in a bad mood, argues with others, felt chest distension, what other symptom should be present?
nausea (liver disease transfers to spleen)
Which organ controls body temperature?
Kidney - controls fire of Yang heating the Yin
A person is short of breath, lazy to talk, lassitude, pale face. This is
Qi deficiency
Symptoms of Blood deficiency?
poor memory, night blindness, insomnia
Symptoms of Yin deficiency?
night sweats, 5 hearts warm, red cheeks
Symptoms of Yang deficiency?
4 limbs cold, pale tongue and face, drink warm water
Headache, dizziness, dry mouth and dry throat, red face, restlessness, red tongue with yellow coating, wiry pulse = ?
Qi (of liver) over ascending
Symptoms of qi stagnation?
rib side pain that moves, sigh a lot, any dull pain that moves
Symptoms of Qi sinking?
prolapse of organs, chronic diarrhea, bleeding
Blood stagnation pain symptoms?
boring, fixed pain, hurts to press, hurts more at night, dark complexion
Jin and Ye come from
food and water
dizziness with blurring eyes is a symptom of?
blood deficiency
distending pain is a symptom of
Qi stagnation
Four limbs numb is a symptom of
yin deficiency
Heavy pain is a symptom of
Over ascending Qi is related to which 3 organs?
Liver, lung, stomach
Overthinking damages which 2 organs?
spleen and heart
Is improper food an exterior evil?
A person had palpitations, insomnia, emaciated, thin tongue coating and weak pulse. The damaged emotion is
afternoon fever and night sweating are symptoms of?
yin deficiency
A person was pale and sallow face, 4 limbs cold, very quiet and no desire to talk, clear and long urine, tongue is light with white coating, pulse is slow and deep. Choose Yin pattern, Yang pattern, Excess pattern, or Deficient pattern.
yin pattern
Is Ye Yin or Yang?
is Jin Yin or Yang?
Name the 5 functions of Qi
4.holding together
Does Qi generate body fluid?
Does Qi confine body fluid to circulate normally?
Does body fluid carry Qi?
Does Qi carry blood?
A person is short of breath, lazy to talk, talking weakly, lassitude, pale face, pale tongue. Which deficiency is it?
Qi deficiency
What starts from the Vital gate between the kidneys and passes the Sanjiao and circulates thru the body?
Original Qi (Yuan Qi)
Qi stagnation is most closely related to which organ?
Liver - promotes smooth flow of Qi
What is dilute, flows easily in the pores, skin and muscle, and has a moistening function?
Jin (and tonic)
What is thick, flows less easily in the joints, zang fu, brain, and marrow and has a nourishing function?
The essence is stored in?
What is the material basis for mental activity?
Which controls the power to force blood to circulate?
which organ keeps the blood flowing within the vessels?
Which organ smooths and regulates the flow of Qi and blood?
What is in charge of vital energy and linked to the formation of pectoral Qi?
What circulates within the blood vessels, has a nourishing function, and is also called 'nourishing blood'?
nourishing Qi
What is derived from Qi of food but circulates outside of the vessels?
defending Qi (wei qi)
What is the commander of blood?
What is the mother of Qi?
Since body fluid is also the carrier of Qi, over sweating and vomiting will damage what?
What and sweat have the same source?
Which organs control the ascending of clear yang and the descending of turbid yin?
spleen (up) and stomach (down)
Which organ controls ageing?
Kidney (stores essence)
what is the surplus of the bone?
If a child has the 5 slows, it is a deficiency of what?
Kidney Essence
An adult has poor sexual function, impotence, weak knees, nocturnal emissions, tinnitis and deafness, frequent or night urination, what is his deficiency?
Kidney Qi
What is the surplus of the tendons?
what is the fluid of the liver?
which sense organ is related to the liver?
What is the sprout of the heart?
What emotion will damage the heart?
Besides the heart, which organs are also involved in blood circulation?
liver, spleen, kidney
Lung opens to the ?
Lungs helps to form _______ Qi
cold, cough, spontaneous sweating suggests?
Lung Qi deficiency
Original Qi is spread thru the body via the
Is rapid pulse a Yang deficient symptom?
This dude has a desire to drink, he is thirsty, has dryness in the skin and throat, constipation, scanty urine, red tongue with crack, rapid pulse. Deficiency of?
jin and ye
Which Qi is derived from congenital essence?
primary Qi
Where does Gathering Qi come from?
air and blood
where does Wei Qi come from?
food and water
where does nutritional Qi come from?
food and water
Which Qi promotes the lung's function of controlling respiration and promotes the hearts function of dominating the blood and blood vessels?
Zong Qi (gathering Qi)
Blood normally circulates in the vessels thru out the body and is acted upon jointly by the flowing organs EXCEPT?
lung, heart, spleen, or liver
spleen (keeps blood in vessels)
(liver stores blood, lung helps spread blood, heart pushes blood)
This dude has had pulmonary heart disease for 20 years, with shortness of breath, low voice, dislikes talking, lassitude, spontaneous sweating, cold limbs, aversion to cold, pale tongue and weak, slow pulse. Diagnosis?
Qi deficiency (chronic)
This chick has pale complexion, dizziness, blurred vision, insomnia, palpitations, pale tongue, thin pulse. Deficiency of?
Normal circulation of blood is not closely related to which organ? Heart, lung, kidney, or spleen?
kidney (stores essence)
When liver overacts on spleen, what is the color?
green or blue
Which organ is the decision maker?
gall bladder
For a deficiency syndrome, you should
tonify the mother
Liver's smell is
Kidney's color is
When liver disease is transmitted to the lung, which relationship is it?
wood insulting metal
A red face usually indicates problems in which organ?
The officer of receiving heavenly Qi is
Which are the 3 organs most affected by emotions?
1. liver
2. heart
3. spleen
(4. lung)
(5. kidney)
A stabbing pain with a hard immovable mass indicates
blood stagnation
She has anorexia, chronic fatigue, sallow complexion, period is 5 days of profuse bleeding, pale weak tongue. Diagnosis?
Spleen Qi fails to control blood
Heart Yang deficiency and heart Qi deficiency both have palpitations, fullness in the chest, shortness of breath, but Heart Yang deficiency ONLY has ?
cold limbs
Liver Qi moves which direction?
4 aspects of Yin-Yang relationship?
1. in opposition
2. interdependent
3. mutual consumption
4. intertransformation
law of movement of 5 elements?
1. generating
2. controlling
3. overcontrolling
4. insulting
Which are the organs of Wood?
1. Liver
2. gall bladder
Which are the organs of Fire?
1. heart
2. sm intestine
Which are the organs of Earth?
1. spleen
2. stomach
Which are the organs of Metal?
1. Lung
2. Lg Intestine
Which are the organs of Water?
1. zang
2. Fu
1. Kidney
2. Urinary Bladder
What is the emotion of Kidney?
What is the emotion of Liver?
What is the emotion of Heart?
joy, overjoy
What is the emotion of Spleen?
What is the emotion of Lung?
What is the taste of Liver?
What is the smell of Liver?
What is the taste of Heart?
What is the smell of heart?
What is the taste of spleen?
What is the smell of Spleen?
What is the taste of Lung?
pungent (spicy)
What is the smell of Lung?
What is the taste of Kidney?
What is the smell of Kidney?
What is the fluid of Lung?
nasal discharge
What is the fluid of Spleen?
clear drool saliva
What is the fluid of the heart?
What is the sensory organ of Lung?
What is the sensory organ of spleen?
What is tissue of liver?
tendons, sinews
What is tissue of Heart?
What is tissue of Spleen?
What is the tissue of Lung?
What is the tissue of Kidney?

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