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Bio 220 Exam 1 2


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Which are true about bacteria
1. Species in ocean are very different than on land, biota don't share species with plants or animals. 2. bacteria are present in water and land 3. bacteria gentic diversity is greater than other species in the ocean
Can we genetically recover extinct precies like the wooley mammoth
What term describes a species that through time speades to different niches and develop into different species
adaptive radiation
What causes malaria
How do bacteriophages get next to bacterial cells to cause infections
What are species
only mates and reproduces with same species
What is genetic divergence
gene pools develop difference so species can't reproduce anymore
What is species divergence
species become different and classed as new species (ecological, behavior)
allopatric speciation
a physical barrier prevents genetic flow.
sympatric speciation
a species form within home range of parent species. Fish in adjoining lakes
parapatric speciation
two or more species form while in contact. Plants make hybrids.
fossil record has branches in it, become genetically isolated
fossils records dont' branch, one lineage
evolutionary trees
summarize info about continuity of relationships among species
layering of sedimentary deposits

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