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Biology Chapter 12 Cell Cycle


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One of the major differences in the cell division of prokaryotic cells compared to eukaryotic cells is that
the chromosomes do not separate along a mitotic spindle in prokaryotic cells
A plant has 12 chromosomes at the end of mitosis. How many chromosomes would it have in the G2 phase of its next cell cycle
How many chromatids would this plant cell have in the G2 phase of its cell cycle
The longest part of the cell cycle is
In animal cells cytokinesis involves
the constriction of the contractile ring of microfilaments
Humans have 46 chromosomes. That number of chromosomes will be found in
the somatic cells
Sister chromatids
each have their own kinetochore
What is exhibited by cancer cells?
changing levels of MPF concentration

passage through the restriction point


mitotic phase of the cell cycle
The cell plate
forms at the site of the metaphase plate

fuses with the plasma membrane

a cell wall is laid down between its membranes

it forms during telophase in plant cells
A cell that passes the restriction point in G1 will most likely
undergo chromosome duplication
In a plant cell, the centrosome functions in the formation of
microtubles of the spindle apparatus
What initiates the separation of sister chromatids in anaphase?
the cessation of delay signals received from unattached kinetochores
Cells growing in cell culture that divide and pile up on top of each other are lacking
anchorage dependence
Knowledge of the cell cycle control system will be most beneficial to the area of
cancer prevention and treatment

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