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Muscular System - Lab 11 - Bio 201


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Temporalis - Action
elevates and retracts mandible
Masseter - Action
elevates mandible
Sternocleidomastoid - Action
flexes head if both sides contract; tilts head down & towards the opposite side if one side contracts
Diaphragm - Action
increases size of thoracic cavity during inhalation
External abdominal oblique - Action
compresses abdomen, stabilizes vertebral column
Rectus abdominis - Action
flexes lower vertebral column
Serratus anterior - Action
protracts scapula rotates scapula forward and laterally around chest wall
Serratus anterior - Origin
ribs 1-8
Serratus anterior - Insertion
medial border of scapula
retracts scapula, rotates & fixes scapula
Trapezius - Action
elevates & retracts scapula, extends neck
Pectoralis major - Action
flexes shoulder, adducts & medially rotates arm
Latissimus dorsi - Action
extends shoulder, adducts & medially rotates arm
Deltoid- Action
abducts arm, medially & laterally rotates arm
Supraspinatus - Action
abducts arm
Infraspinatus - Action
laterally rotates arm
Deltoid - Origin
clavicle, acromion & spine of scapula
Deltoid - Insertion
deltoid tuberosity of humerus
Subscapularis- Action
medially rotates arm
Teres minor - Action
laterally rotates & adducts arm
Teres major - Action
medially rotates & adducts arm
Brachialis - Action
flexes elbow
Biceps brachii - Action
supinates forearm, flexes elbow, flexes shoulder
Biceps brachii - Origin
superior margin of glenoid cavity, coracoid process of scapula
Triceps brachii - long & lateral - Action
extends elbow, extends shoulder
Supraspinatus - Origin
supraspinous fossa
Supraspinatus - Insertion
greater tubercle of humerus
Infraspinatus - Origin
infraspinous fossa
Infraspinatus - Insertion
greater tubercle of humerus
Biceps brachii - Insertion
radial tuberosity
Triceps brachii* - long & lateral - Origin
long head – inferior margin of glenoid cavity, lateral head – posterior proximal humerus
Triceps brachii* - long & lateral - Insertion
olecranon process of ulna
Brachioradialis - Origin
lateral distal humerus
Brachioradialis - Insertion
styloid process of radius
Brachioradialis - Action
flexes elbow
Flexor carpi radialis- Action
flexes wrist & abducts hand
Palmaris longus - Action
flexes wrist
Flexor carpi ulnaris - Action
flexes wrist & adducts hand
Extensor carpi radialis longus - Action
extends wrist & abducts hand
Extensor carpi radialis brevis - Action
extends wrist & abducts hand
Extensor digitorum - Action
extends wrist & spreads phalanges
Extensor carpi ulnaris - Action
extends wrist & adducts hand
Adductor magnus - Action
adducts & medially rotates thigh, flexes hip
Adductor longus - Action
adducts & medially rotates thigh, flexes hip
Gracilis - Action
adducts thigh, flexes knee
Adductor longus - Origin
Adductor longus - Insertion
linea aspera of femur
Rectus femoris - Origin
anterior inferior iliac spine
Rectus femoris - Insertion
tibial tuberosity via patellar ligament
Rectus femoris - Action
flexes hip, extends knee
Vastus lateralis - Origin
greater trochanter of femur
Vastus lateralis - Insertion
tibial tuberosity via patellar ligament
Vastus lateralis - Action
extends knee
Vastus medialis - Action
extends knee
Vastus intermedius - Action
extends knee
Sartorius - Action
abducts & laterally rotates thigh, flexes knee
Gluteus maximus - Action
abducts & laterally rotates thigh, extends hip
Gluteus medius - Action
abducts & medially rotates thigh
Biceps femoris - Action
extends hip, flexes knee
Biceps femoris - Origin
ischial tuberosity & linea aspera of femur
Biceps femoris - Insertion
head of fibula & lateral condyle of tibia
Semimembranosus - Origin
ischial tuberosity
Semimembranosus - Insertion
medial condyle of tibia & lateral condyle of femur
Semimembranosus - Action
flexes knee, extends hip
Semitendinosus - Action
flexes knee, extends hip
Tensor fasciae latae - Action
extends knee & abducts thigh
Tibialis anterior - Origin
lateral condyle of tibia
Tibialis anterior - Insertion
1st metatarsal
Tibialis anterior - Action
dorsiflexes & inverts foot
Fibularis longus - Action
everts & plantar flexes foot
Gastrocnemius - Origin
lateral & medial condyles of femur
Gastrocnemius - Insertion
calcaneus via calcaneal tendon
Gastrocnemius - Action
plantar flexes foot, flexes knee
Soleus - Action
plantar flexes foot
Extensor digitorum longus
dorsiflexes foot, extends toes
Rectus Abdominus - Origin
pubic symphysis
Rectus Abdominus - Insertion
xiphoid process & ribs 5-7

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