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Art test 1


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five types of artistic value
Intrinsic, Religious, Nationalistic, Psychological, and Material
Two famous cave systems for prehistoric art
Lasco and Autamyra
two techs prehistoric artists used
Plow powdered earth onto animal fat or mix earth and fat togather
Purpose of cave art
Prehistoric signiture
Where is prehistoric art found
usually near the back of a cave
Human's place in cave art
rarly ever seen
Characteristics of prehistoric painting
usually animals and usually profile
Stone henge
Post and Lintel construction in cromlech england
2 most recent discoveries
Henri Cosquer's cave and the Chauvet Cave
Ancient near east
coveres most of the modern day middle east
modern iraq. built ziggurats
tigris and euphrates
did for the ancient near east what the nile did for egypt
Jerico skull
a plaster skull that allows us to attempts to reconstruct the image of a dead person in plater
near eastern form of writing
raised temple in near east
Signature seal
near eastern form of the signet ring
statues from the abu temple in tell asmar
demonstrated heirarchal proportioning
pyrimid evolution
1)bury in sand
2)pile rocks over bodies
4)Zoser makes step pyrimid
6)secert tombs in the vally of kings
Palette of Narmer
oldest record of egypt's history
Rosetta stone
allowed translation of egyption hyroglyphics
The Nile
4160 miles. the source of egypt's prosperity
The Great Shinx
location Giza
66 ft high and 240 ft long
Egyptian sculpture
stiff ridgid emotionless made to last until eternity
Egyptan code and proportional grid
detailed how all egyption art was to be made
characteristics of egyptian painting
usually profile and emotionless.
rectangular block, the precurser to the pyrimids
step pyrimid
mastabas stacked on top of each other
Great pyrimid
Kofra, largest of all pyrimids. 481 ft high 755 ft long
discovered king tuts tomb
Howard Carter
Prehistoric monoliths
two or more megaliths with a capstone
sculpture in the round
a 3d scupture
relief sculpture
still attached to its medium
egyptian, means black. also what they called their land

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