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A figurative mode of representation conveying a meaning other than the literal. ex: Genesis creation (seven literal days? not necessarily the point of the story: point is to show human relationships with God)
Name used for Babylon, story of people and tower, balal means "to confuse or confound"
Documentary Hypothesis
Different texts have different authors, one can see difference coming from the same thing, "quilt"
Story that attempts to explain something. ex: tower of babel and why everyone speaks different languages
Epic of Gilgamesh
Story is very similar to Genesis: similarities [family/animals, landed on mountain, sent dove on SEVENTH day and nothing, then swallow and nothing, then raven and something!] differences: [polytheistic and no reason for flood]. Oldest known literature, from Middle east but then beyond, on clay tablets, legend of one of the kings of Babylon
Ex nihilo
"Out of nothing"--creation from nothing.
Felix Culpa
"happy fault" or "fortunate fall." Original sin. because of sin Jesus came and hope of heaven
First book of the Tanakh, Torah, and Christian Bible
Branch of Christian study concerning sin and original sin.
Priestly Source
First creation account in Genesis, organized and ordered, very OCD and precise
Of or relating to the earliest ages--humans and/or world
Not the same as Priestly source, second creation account in Genesis, LOTS of anthropomorphism, more about the metaphorical meaning rather than the literal, "the LORD"

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