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CIS Chapter 8 2


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Data validation
enables you to define a set of rules that guide data entry for a cell or a specific range of cells
Digital certificate
A password-protected file that includes a variety of information that can be used for online identification and enables the recipient of documents containing macros to be more confident that the document is genuine
Digital signature
Electronic signature used to identify the identity of the sender of a message and to confirm that the macro or document created by the signer has not been altered since the digital certificate was created.
Locked property
In every cell in a workbook, the property that determines whether or not changes can be made to that cell once protection is activated.
A series of VBA commands that are stored in a workbook and can be run whenever you need to perform a specific task.
Collection of VBA macros, or one or more sub procedures stored within a module.
A word or string of characters associated with a cell or range of cells.
Personal macro workbook
A hidden workbook, named Personal.xls, which opens whenever you start Excel and makes the macro available anytime.
Controls the ability users have to make changes to a worksheet, such as changing a value in a cell, deleting worksheets, or inserting new ones.
Security level
Excel supports three levels of security—high, medium, and low.
Sub procedure
Type of procedure in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) that performs an action on your project or workbook, such as formatting a cell or displaying a chart. A sub procedure begins with the keyword “Sub” followed by the name of the sub procedure and a set of parentheses and ends with the keyword.
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
Programming language in which Excel macros are written.

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